WWE Raw: Like It or Not, CM Punk's Actions Were Warranted

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 30, 2012


We have been waiting for one week to see the response from CM Punk over the events of Raw’s 1,000th episode. And after listening to the WWE Champion, who by the way has more of a grit to his attitude and his swagger, I applaud the new character and the new attitude from one week ago.

Punk came out Monday night and made some very valid points concerning how he has been disrespected and unappreciated as the WWE Champion over the course of the last eight months. And even as he made his points known to the crowd, he was upstaged again by the likes of John Cena and Big Show.

Can’t a man catch a break? The WWE Champion was always promoted as the biggest star in the company. Until John Cena came along. Even without the belt, Cena gets top billing on each program, each scene and all the merchandise the WWE can shell out.

CM Punk fought for a new contract last year based on these “issues” that obviously have not been resolved, and while Punk has been a fighting champion, he is still not able to garner the same karma Cena has been able to muster.

The “Voice of the Voiceless” made some very poignant points tonight, and while he looks to be well on his way to being a hated man in the WWE, he also will be considered the anti-hero and assume the role he had made popular once he left Chicago with the WWE Title at MITB one year ago.

Times may have changed, but we may be looking at the same CM Punk we saw argue with the likes of Vince McMahon and Triple H for more exposure, if not a larger WWE contract. The fact we are seeing a more stern, more intense and an angrier Punk just means his true character is coming out. Punk was losing his edge (I have written about that), and feuds with John Cena will only work to make him more popular by being more hated.

It’s brilliant.

The fact that Punk did not upset the apple cart where Cena is concerned makes it that much better. Cena was beaten by Big Show, not Punk. Punk’s beef is with The Rock, who in fact is just one cog in the WWE Universe. Punk was right. Raw 1000 should have been about the WWE Champion.

The fact The Rock comes out each time he is on camera and upstages current “consistent” performers week after week and when “Dwayne” makes an appearance, he takes over the whole show and is in fact, disrespectful.

And it wouldn’t be The Rock if he could not do that. But Punk’s position is true and well noted, and honestly if it were any other wrestler (Stone Cold, HBK, HHH, Cena) challenging Rock, it may be a different story. I actually like what happened last week when I rehash it. Punk’s points make it look like the WWE let him down, not him.

He just reacted to it.