WWE Champion Called It: CM Punk Absolutely Right About the Rock!

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIJuly 30, 2012

Courtesy of WWE.com
Courtesy of WWE.com

Let's get right to it. CM Punk was absolutely right. The end of the 1,000th episode of Raw should have been about CM Punk defending the WWE championship against John Cena. Instead, we got an unresolved mess of an ending to that match thanks to The Big Show and another spotlight-stealing moment courtesy of The Rock. Really? Really?

CM Punk did not turn his back on The WWE Universe, contrary to what Jerry Lawler said. Punk, if anything, took back the spotlight that rightfully belonged to him.

The WWE champion is the star of the show and should be treated as such. Why should the champion take a backseat to anyone? The Rock had no right to come out and steal the show, as he usually does. He had his moment earlier, when he announced that he would be facing the WWE champion at The Royal Rumble. In typical Rock fashion, he interrupted CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and gave us a taste of what he was cooking. Even then, he acted as if he were the star of the show.

Well guess what, Rock? It wasn't all about you.

After what Punk did last week to The Rock, it would be so easy to let Jerry Lawler sway us into thinking that Punk is a heel. No one puts their hands on The Rock and gets away with it. Well, Lawler couldn't be further from speaking the truth. Punk just took control of an out-of-control situation. That's the Punk who we, as members of The WWE Universe, have come to respect.

I hope the WWE keeps the belt on Punk long enough for him to face The Rock as champion. This match promises to be bigger than Rock vs. Cena simply because neither Rock nor Punk will allow the other to have the last word. Regardless, all eyes will be on he WWE champion, as they should be.


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