CM Punk Leans to the Dark Side While Y2J Seems to Be Being Reborn?

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 30, 2012

The two had one of the greatest and darkest angles of recent years; their feud for the title brought in family members, substance abuse and bottles of Jack Daniels being broken over heads. When CM Punk and Chris Jericho battled it out for the moniker of Best in the World, they didn't hold back and we witnessed the dark side of Jericho. 

Now, here we are months later, and CM Punk has turned his back on helping John Cena, taken advantage of the situation of Cena's beat down by The Big Show and then given a Go To Sleep to The Rock, sending the WWE fans in a tizzy.

Has their voice of the voiceless reverted back to ways of the heel? Is the man who was the leader of the Straight Edge Society reverting back to his ways of cheating, taking the easy way out and declaring war on the good guys of the WWE?

Tonight's Monday Night Raw will possibly have some answers, as it's even being declared that the show will start with Punk addressing the audience. So must the scales between good and evil be balanced in the WWE?

Because, after Monday's fall of Punk, we saw the slight rise to Y2J. Chris Jericho has been slowly bringing back the comedy to his onscreen character in the last few weeks. We watched him recently go back and forth between him and Daniel Bryan in a battle of Catch Phrases, and then, on Friday night, we saw him attack and mock Dolph Ziggler.

After Ziggler's Money in The Bank win, he confronted Jericho on the fact that since Jericho has returned, he hasn't been too successful in making good with what he claims he's going to do. In fact, he's found himself with more marks in the loss column than the win in most matches, and perhaps he's lost his touch. 

On Friday, Jericho showed Ziggler just how much he hasn't lost his touch, when he stormed the ring wearing a Ziggler t-shirt and delivered a Codebreaker to Mr. Money in The Bank. Standing over him, he ripped off the shirt and mocked Ziggler by mimicking his taunt of wiping sweat off his brow. Ziggler is a great up-and-coming superstar and with having an enemy like Jericho to compete against, it will only push him faster to the top. 

With his recent turn of character on Twitter—where he apparently is now taking pictures with fans and thanking them, putting up Touts of him and his baby son, as well as being funny with some of the pyrotechnics going on at the show before it starts tonight—is it only a matter of time before the joking Y2J comes back to the WWE Universe?

With Punk moving towards the dark and Jericho moving out of the shadows, Monday Night Raw on its first permanent three-hour episode will no doubt be shedding some light on both situations.