Andre Smith: Diary of a Mess

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2009

What's that sound I hear? That's the sound of Andre Smith flushing money down the toilet.

While clearly Andre Smith was one of the more talented overall college football players in the country this past season, more than likely his NFL Rookie paycheck won't be fully reflecting it.

Smith left the NFL combine today saying "He wasn't prepared" and "He didn't have an agent", it's not like it snuck up on him, we have to question how prepared Smith is for life.

While choosing an agent is something that should be taken seriously, as it reflects Smith's negotiating ability and in essence is a representation of himself, not being prepared to do the drills is another story. This is clearly one of the most important weeks of the young tackle's life  as their is a glut of talent at the left tackle spot this year. Smith's stock has been dropping in recent weeks.

Maybe it's time to question what kind of guidance and leadership Smith has gotten all along as all of his choices seem questionable. We all remember Smith was not on the field when Alabama was thoroughly humiliated and was made a national laughing stock out of by Utah in the Sugar Bowl, this story clearly isn't helping matters for Smith and it won't help the Tide.

While Tide fans seemed to be obsessed with Lane Kiffin over at Tennessee, maybe it's time they look at the guidance and life preparation of their own student athletes.