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BR5Daily ShowJuly 30, 2012

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B/R NFL analyst Matt Miller stopped by to talk training camp with BR5. Things are off to a great start in camps across the NFL.

First overall pick Andrew Luck is off to a great start in Indianapolis Colts training camp. Miller’s really impressed with how well he has taken to the Colts offense and how well he’s handling the pressure of being a starting quarterback in the NFL—not to mention taking over for one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in Peyton Manning.

Speaking of Manning, he has looked, well, like Peyton. The biggest question now, and has always been, how will he handle contact? Will he be able to get up after routine hits, or will the neck injuries linger? We’ll all have to wait and see.

The second overall pick, Robert Griffin III, has also been impressive thus far in Washington Redskins training camp. As always, RGIII looks sharp and incredibly athletic. Both Luck and Griffin III will be compelling story lines to keep an eye on throughout the NFL season.

There are also a few holdout situations going on around the league. Most notably is Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Quite frankly, Jones-Drew is all the Jags have. Losing him would be a tremendous blow to the franchise, so you have to figure they’ll be working to get a deal done with him as soon as possible.

Other notable holdouts include Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers, still unsigned, and in light of Steelers WR Antonio Brown getting a new deal, it’ll be interesting to see if that affects what happens between Wallace and the Steelers.

The other major holdout at this point is Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe. Bowe is a big part of the Chiefs' success on offense, and losing him would be very detrimental to the Chiefs as they look to improve upon last season.

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