Sportscenter Sucks

Jason KivelaCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2008

A few years back, the thought of me criticizing this show would of been sacrilege.  It was untouchable.  It always delivered the goods.

Tonight, it finally hit me—and it's been a long time coming—that I can't stand this show anymore.  After working a long day, doing some homework, then playing some ball, I come home to catch the 11PM Scenter to catch me up on what I missed in the U.S.-Ghana soccer clash.  Instead of feeding me solid, full-up highlights I get this abridged 10 second blur. 

They didn't even show all the goals (all three of them).  They didn't get into the full package of highlights until about 25 minutes into the show.

Instead, I've got to sit through a pitch by pitch breakdown of Roger Clemens return, followed by listening to the self-absorbed hired gun stammer on for about 10 minutes in his live press conference.  And then they follow that up with the fallout from the latest Ozzie Guillen ramble, and after that Larry Brown's departure from the Knicks.  Talk about overhyped, jeez.

All told, I wasted about 30 minutes of my life waiting for the full-up highlights that should of been presented from the get-go (it was only an elimination match in the world's most popular sporting event).

It got bumped by "Roger Clemens Returns"....."Ozzie Guillen Shoots His Mouth Off"....and "Larry Brown Changing Addresses Again"—don't these things happen like once every three months?!

Gone forever are the days of the late 80s when I'd wake up and get to watch real sports journalists (not smarmy wiseasses) plow through comprehensive clips of all of the prior nights games in all of the major sports.


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