Wake Forest Heads To Durham For The Second Matchup

Trey AdkinsCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Well once again us Wake fans are beginning to get a little nervous.  But the way things have worked out this year we shouldn't worry as long as Duke doesn't lose their top 25 ranking.

Jeff Teague-20ppg WOW! That's pretty good in one of the best basketball conferences in the NCAA

But is that enough to tame the Blue Devils?  Duke plays hard, conservative, smart, slow paced basketball.  However, Wake Forest is almost the complete opposite.  Wake plays a hard, aggressive, wild, fast paced game.

When Duke traveled to Winston on the twentyeighth of January Kyle singler lead the Blue Devils with 22 points and Gerald Henderson followed with twelve more.

Wake's three point game was also off that night.  They were two for ten from outside the arc.  If Wake would have shot a little better outside that may have been enough to put the game out of reach.


This game relies on one thing.  How the young Demon Deacons can handle the prime time pressure.  They have done it before but not in the Cameron atmosphere.