Triple H To Raw and Cena To SmackDown?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2009

Triple HHH and John Cena will be switching shows at the draft, in my opinion.

Triple H will be making his return to Raw since last year's draft in 2008. John Cena will be returning to SmackDown for the first time since 2005. Cena and Triple H knew someone was going to SmackDown last year as Triple H was to go to make it a smooth transition to MyNetwork TV.

Triple H is currently feuding with Randy Orton as Orton has been picking the McMahon's one by one. Triple H will be on Raw next week to confront Orton about the RKO to his wife Stephanie McMahon.

John Cena is currently feuding with Edge as Edge stole the title away from Cena for the third time as Edge walked in as WWE Champ and walked out World Heavyweight Champ, and no that doesn't mean he has two titles for those who have been living under a rock.

This year the WWE has the top contenders going for the other show title's. It's different and interesting because these four guys that are possible in the main event have faced each other, just not on the biggest stage in wrestling.

What do you think about the switches?

-Adrian Staehle