Jim Calhoun Reacts with Reason to Freelance Journalist

Daniel DinunzioAnalyst IFebruary 21, 2009

The UConn Huskies 64-50 win over South Florida was overshadowed by a question asked by a freelance political journalist after the contest. The journalist asked Jim Calhoun questions about his $1.6 million salary and other various deals. As you could imagine, Jim Calhoun became irate, and who blames him? 

Although UConn is a public university, Calhoun is right when he says that the UConn basketball program brings in over $12 million to the university. Yes, we are in hard economic times, but coach Calhoun rightfully deserves every dime he makes. He has forever changed the standard of basketball at the University of Connecticut. He took a program that was going nowhere to not one but two national titles!

He has turned young adults into men who many have become NBA All-Stars. Whether it's Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, Emeka Okafor, Caron Butler, Ben Gordon, or now with Adrien and Thabeet, the list goes on and on.

A journalist with no real media credentials has no right to ask a non-relevant basketball question, especially regarding a coaches salary. Jim Calhoun has been the face of UConn men's basketball for the over the last 20 years. Whether your a fan or not of coach Calhoun, you have to recognize all of his accomplishments and achievements. He had every right to get upset and heated over such a ridiculous remark.