Islanders-Panthers: Another Loss

Harrison LastContributor IMarch 12, 2008

With the Florida game over I have to say a few things....

First off, I had to write a lovely english essay while watching the game, so I wasnt able to watch as much as I would like to. But from what I see, a much better game. The positioning is 10x better and DP looks better too. The defense without Witt was just fine except Freddy Meyer IV (he decided to step up in the neutral zone and leave Davison alone which resulted into a goal).

But once again the main point of this game was to see how the youngies do. WHAT A SHOT BY COMEAU! He is looking better and better each game. He knows how to check, hes quick, and he can play D AND score. Exactly what you want in a power forward. He just needs to get stronger and get better positioning.

Tambi has been working really hard and has looked great. He isn't the tallest guy in the league but he is very strong on the puck in the corners which is important to get the cycle going. He has a nice shot too and good speed that will make him deadly soon.

Regier. Hes a big boy. He can be a catalyst in the future on the power play especially if he can stick his butt in the goalies face during the power play (aka screen). Hes big enough that the goalie cant see around him and he would be tough for the D-men to push out of the way.

 There was a player who wasnt in todays game. Trevor Smith. Currently with the sound tigers, he just scored 2 more goals today with a total of 13 in 39 games after being called up from the ECHL utah Grizzles. I can see him being like Mike Ryder of the Canadians (not including the terrible season Ryder is currently having) scoring 25-30 goals a season when he is finally called up. 

Two Mistakes Snow Made

Two players were put on waivers: Mark Recchi and Sergie Samsonov. Two players that could have helped this team. Recchi has good vision and can score too but is getting a little to old. Samsonov, who is only in his late 20's had an amazing shot. He lost his groove after Thornton left Boston, but since he has been picked up by carolina, he has 24 pts (12-12) in 27 games. If we had one, if not both, I think the Islanders could have been in the playoffs

OH! i just remembered the last thing that is wrong with the Islanders. DP is too inconsistent. He is not as good as he was last year and you will know when his next bad game is. Usually when he comes back after a long break or the game after Dubie plays, he does terrible and to win the cup you need a goalie who can be consistantly good. He will develop into that type of goalie within two years, I believe.


Finally...STOP BOOING THE REFS! They have a really tough job and do not see everything. Yes sometimes they don;t make a good call, but let them do their jobs! They really are trying.

Feel free to ask any questions. I will answer honestly =)