John Daly Drives Golf Ball off of David Feherty's Face

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 30, 2012

Be careful, because there is so much awesome in this video it may spill out onto the floor next to you. 

This would be your average, run-of-the-mill John Daly being John Daly moment courtesy of David Feherty's Golf Channel show (h/t CBS Sports). 

The video starts as any great moment should, with someone off camera pleading an upcoming stunt be rethought and discarded. 

Daly suggests Feherty put a tee in his mouth and let him drive the ball off his face. That's when a bystander asks that "we not do anything stupid."

As soon as he lies on his back and places the tee in his mouth, a flashback of Daly once hitting a ball off a beer can comes on screen. 

The beer can dies. 

Lucky for Feherty, Daly is far more precise with his aim and drives the ball off the tee without touching any part of his buddy. 

With that, we ask for far more of this type of stuff from golf's party king. We appreciate the more streamlined version of Daly, but his crazy is where he shines. 

Insane meets crazy for one epic moment of hitting a golf ball. Sure, taking drives at the range can be relaxing and therapeutic. 

It's a party when Feherty and Daly are involved. 

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