MLB Trade Deadline 2012: 5 Players the Mets Should Try to Acquire

Alex GiobbiAnalyst IJuly 30, 2012

MLB Trade Deadline 2012: 5 Players the Mets Should Try to Acquire

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    Tomorrow, the Mets will have a chance to either prove that they are still willing to fight or are packing it up and waiting until 2013. 

    The trade deadline, which is July 31, is the Mets last chance to acquire outside help for a final effort to stay relevant.

    Considering the team's recent struggles, it looks like they really need help. Sure, Matt Harvey was brilliant in his major league debut, as expected, but unfortunately, he only can go every fifth day. The same for R.A Dickey.

    With two targets, Carlos Quentin and Huston Street now off the table thanks to contract extensions, the Mets have to refocus their efforts. 

    This list will look at some targets the Mets should make a push for tomorrow. 

Brandon League, RP, Seattle Mariners

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    Brandon League is a player the Mets were interested in, and although Andy Martino has said that the team's interest in the reliever has declined, he still might be an option for them now that Huston Street is off the market. 

    League, who had 37 saves last year with Seattle, is playing on a team that really should be selling and starting over. Considering they already got rid of Ichiro Suzuki, it wouldn't surprise me if League or another mid- to high-profile guy leaves.

    There is one point of concern though: the asking price. Whatever the Mariners want, it apparently cannot be Daniel Murphy, who had been mentioned in another deal to the Padres for Luke Gregerson, but that deal had been shot down by Mets' management, reason being that the Mets weren't going to deal Murphy for a reliever.   

JD Martinez, Of, Houston Astros

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    The Astros have been the biggest sellers of the deadline so far, dealing players like J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon, Brett Myers, Carlos Lee and Chris Johnson for prospects. 

    The Mets should take advantage of this and try to pilfer a right handed bat from them. 

    The best bet would be JD Martinez, While he isn't exactly raking the ball like he did last year, he does have a little bit of power and a pure stroke. Martinez is also good on the defensive as well. 

    Personally, I like Martinez, He's come out of nowhere to lead the Astros through this mess of a season, but a change of scenery might do him some good, particularly Citi Field. 

Jonathan Broxton, RP, Kansas City Royals

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    Jonathan Broxton is active on the Mets radar, and has been for some time, dating back to the offseason. He, along with Brewers setup man Francisco "Frankie Knuckles" Rodriguez have continually drawn interest.

    Broxton has been brilliant for the Royals this season, earning an All-Star appearance and such. Adding a big guy (no pun intended) like him will help the Mets alleviate their bullpen issues.

    It will probably take a guy like Scott Hairston to move him, but since the rumors about Hairston seem to point to a departure by tomorrow, it wouldn't be a bad idea.   

Justin Masterson, SP, Cleveland Indians

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    The Indians are looking to become sellers this year, and with Shin Soo Choo and apparently Masterson on the block, it wouldn't surprise me if they do become sellers.

    Though the Mets haven't been linked to either, adding a starter like Masterson might be a good idea. We've already seen Mike Pelfrey, Dillon Gee and Johan Santana go down to injury, and the supporting cast that has taken over their spots isn't scaring anyone. Jeremy Hefner? Miguel Batista? Chris Young?

    If the Mets were to look at Masterson, they would be getting a guy who could add solidity to the rotation, all while putting Hefner in the bullpen where he should be, and allowing the wildly inconsistent Pelfrey to walk if they don't retain his services.

    Masterson hasn't exactly been lights out, but he'll be a good arm in a future rotation.  

Shane Victorino, Of, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Victorino has been on the trading block for some time, and although he is currently playing for the rival Phillies, his services might be attainable.

    Let's put out the reasons why Victorino would be a good contribution to the Mets. First of all, he's a switch hitter. Although he's not primarily a righty, a good switch hitter could lead to more success at the plate.

    Second of all, he's a good baserunner. Considering the Mets sold off their golden legs to Miami and nobody has been able to fill the job of leadoff hitter adequately, Victorino may be a good option here as well.

    Third, he's better than Jason Bay. At this point, anyone could be better than Jason Bay. Victorino has more of everything right now, and could add offense which Bay lacks.

    For the Mets to get Victorino, it will be pricy, but if they can work out a deal with Philly to get him, expect him to contribute almost immediately.