College Football Recruiting: Jayron Kearse Will Pick Auburn or Clemson on Friday

Jeff JonesCorrespondent IIJuly 30, 2012

Jayron Kearse (courtesy of 247Sports)
Jayron Kearse (courtesy of 247Sports)

Auburn and Clemson’s recruiting seasons have both been filled with pleasant surprises—surprises that have earned these groups the sixth- and 12th-ranked recruiting classes, respectively. 

These talented classes include four of the top seven defensive players, according to ESPN, and both look to be gaining momentum.

Later this week, one of these teams will add a recruit who has the potential to excel on both sides of the ball.

Four-star athlete Jayron Kearse—who can develop into a quarterback, wide receiver or safety—announced via Twitter that he is now ready to publicly commit. 

Kearse has been through this process before—twice. 

Since August, the 6'4'', 195-pound prospect has committed and decommitted to both Auburn and Miami.

Though he has backed out of promises in the past, Kearse is confident that his next commitment will be his last, and he has narrowed his search to two programs. 

Bryan Matthews of AuburnUndercover quotes Kearse as saying, “Right now, it’s basically a race between Auburn and Clemson.”

Kearse goes on to express his interest in playing SEC football. 


“[Auburn] is an SEC school and that’s the best competition.  That’s where the best players go.  I feel like if I can do my thing in the SEC, I’m showing I’m one of the best players at my position.”


He also raves about Clemson and the people associated with the Tigers’ program.

“It’s the coaches and the atmosphere.  The coaches are straight-forward with me.  They don’t BS me.  That’s what has them up there with me.”

As has been the case in many recent recruiting battles, Auburn and Clemson—two very similar Southeastern programs—are the only teams left competing for a prospect.

Jayron Kearse, who is the nephew of former NFL Pro Bowler Jevon Kearse, has a tough decision to make. He has decided to publicly announce his commitment at 3 p.m. on Friday at South Fort Myers High School.

Regardless of his decision, the speedy South Florida recruit will surely benefit whichever group of Tigers he chooses to join." class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="false" data-size="large">Follow @JeffJones99