San Francisco Marathon 2012: Nathan Krah Needs Win in New York to Earn Respect

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 30, 2012

Nathan Krah narrowly won the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, but he needs a win in a more prestigious marathon to be considered a top marathoner.

He nipped Alexander Varner for the top spot, but the time of 2:26:44 would not be a stand-out performance in any other marathon. 


Top 5 Men's Results

1 Nathan Krah 2:26:44
Alexander Varner 2:27:15 
Michael Wardian 2:28:32
Chris Mocko 2:29:05 
Tim Harder 2:34:56 

The San Francisco Marathon isn't considered one of the top marathons in the world. Proof of that is Krah's spot in the Boston Marathon in 2011. In a more formidable field Krah finished 29th.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Marathon has the slowest average finish time for men and women of the major American marathons.

There is traditionally low enrollment from the top Kenyan runners, and they are genuinely among the strongest in long-distance running events.

This field was especially weakened because the Olympics began on July 28, though casual fans may rejoice in the fact that an American captured a win in a marathon.

But this one isn't on the same level as the marathons in Boston, New York or Chicago.

Anytime a man wins a marathon he deserves respect, but this win must be held in the proper perspective.


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