Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 21, 2009

UNC has widely been considered a favorite to win the National Championship this season and the previous two seasons. However, time and time again, UNC proves that they cannot live up to their hype.

A favorite to win the ACC, they were able to start ACC play with an astonishing record of 0-2. Not bad for a team that is “supposed to” win the National Championship. UNC was able to turn around their luck and put together a solid string of victories. That was until, of course, they stepped into Maryland this afternoon (2/21/2009).

Maryland, the smallest team in the ACC, was supposed to be bullied inside by ‘Psycho T’ and the Terrible Tar Heels. Yet, when the game was done and over, the Terrapins looked as though they were the bigger team. Maryland compiled 10 blocks to UNC’s only 1 block, not bad for the smallest team in the ACC. [Read more...]