5 Reasons WWE Is Making a Huge Mistake with Daniel Bryan's Character

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistJuly 29, 2012

5 Reasons WWE Is Making a Huge Mistake with Daniel Bryan's Character

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    The WWE is making a big mistake with Daniel Bryan’s character.

    The wrestler formerly known as Bryan Danielson was on a roll, having been in championship matches since January. He also created the “Yes!” chants, which took over for “What!”

    However, his character could suffer thanks to recent developments.

    Daniel Bryan’s character needs a natural progression. It seems he is being forced to be something he isn’t: a whooping boy.

    Thanks to the end of the WWE’s 1000th edition of Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan’s character could change for the wrong reasons.

    Here are five reasons why the WWE is dropping the ball with Daniel Bryan.

5. Potential Feuds?

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    It appears the WWE is transitioning Bryan out of the title picture for both the WWE and World Heavyweight titles.

    Bryan’s feud with CM Punk is over, and Alberto Del Rio is the No.1 contender for the World Title.

    Where does that leave Bryan? Charlie Sheen?

    Sheen continued making fun of Bryan after his failed wedding with AJ.  Bryan even addressed Sheen’s comments in an interview on the show.

    If WWE is thinking of having him going this route, it’s a mistake. We’ve already seen the celebrities against the wrestlers in the ring before with disastrous results.

    If that’s whom the WWE has him going against, it shows how much faith they have in Bryan to work with anyone else.

4. Promo Work

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    Bryan’s promos aren’t always the same thing. They’re just the same format.

    Every time Bryan ends a promo, he says his patented “Yes” catchphrase.

    Nothing is wrong with that, but it could lead him into eventual trouble.

    The writers should provide better material for Bryan. He needs to be capable of holding his own against opponents verbally as he is physically.

    Bryan is capable. He held his own in promos with Punk and Sheamus. But, the wedding fiasco could make Bryan into a comedy act, and definitely place him in the wrong direction.

    We presently have too many comedic superstars in the WWE. Have him stay the serious, determined wrestler. 

3. "Yes" Trouble

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    The “Yes” word has brought Bryan more trouble than he thinks.

    “Yes,” hasn’t died down since Wrestlemania 28. Fans can be seen wearing his “Yes” T-shirt at shows. The fans still chant “Yes” for Bryan, even though he’s a heel.

    However, other wrestlers are starting to take the “Yes” word.

    Specifically, AJ is stealing “Yes” from Daniel Bryan. It doesn’t bode well for Bryan.

    Soon the WWE Universe will be associating the “yes” chants for AJ and not Bryan. Did you ever see Kurt Angle stealing Stone Cold’s “What” from him? Not in the WWE universe.  Not even close.

    Why would the WWE have AJ steal “Yes” from Bryan? Let Bryan keep the word. He started the trend to get him over.

    Don’t take away a wrestler’s trademark phrase and pawn it off to someone else while they’re still in the company.

2. AJ's Involement

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    Speaking of AJ, she has overshadowed Bryan.

    At first, she stayed out of Bryan’s way after Wrestlemania. She started getting involved in the lead-up to Bryan’s triple threat match with Punk and Kane.

    Since then, AJ has become the most relevant WWE Diva in recent memory, a huge improvement for the state of women in the WWE.

    However, it came at Bryan’s expense. Daniel Bryan could have become the super heel WWE desperately needed. Instead, he became second fiddle to his on-screen ex-girlfriend.

    Separate Bryan from AJ. But, it seems they won’t be doing that anytime soon.

1. The Failed Wedding

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    Make no mistake, the swerve was unpredictable and kept us talking.

    AJ as the general manager of Raw makes for intriguing TV for future storylines. For Daniel Bryan, it might not benefit him at all.

    The WWE will probably continue the AJ/Bryan story, and Bryan could actually become the victim here for weeks.

    Bryan’s current momentum could sway him into obscurity. 

    If that happens, then the WWE would officially drop the ball on Bryan’s character.

    Time will tell what happens on Monday. Here’s hoping the WWE can rectify their mistakes and bring Daniel Bryan’s character back on track.