WWE Put Two Matches Together To Make It "Money In The Chamber"

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2009

I sat and thought while I watched a match and I thought of a new concept match that is kind of original and kind of new.

Hear me out:

Everyone know's of the Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank. Right. So why as a WrestleMania match you put those two together. Have one of the biggest matches at the biggest event of the year. The title to the match:


You have the chamber you have six participants or you can have eight you just change the model of the chamber.

If you have six: Then have six pods normal chamber.

If you have eight: Then you can have two pods added.

So the six-eight wrestlers are in the ring and ready to wrestle so the four-six go into there pods and the two start off. Every four minutes an new wrestle comes in.

When everyone has come in then pinfall's or sumbisson's are allowed.(This match can have extreme rules with everything from ladders to sledgehammers are allowed).

When the last two are in the ring those two can go for the briefcase that is hanging up from the top of the chamber.

The winner of the match will have to wither climb the chamber of find a ladder and yes the chamber will be made higher at about 8 more feet.

What do you think of this concept is there anything if you would add or take away.

-Adrian Staehle