The Ultimate Opportunist Finds a Way Out at No Way Out 2009

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The Ultimate Opportunist Finds a Way Out at No Way Out 2009

Shocking doesn't do justice in describing Sunday's No Way Out pay per view.  In a definite 'foot-in-mouth' moment, I was wrong with nearly all of my predictions.  In a pay-per-view that looked absolutely horrid on paper, the WWE roster and creative team developed a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat (no pun intended) show. 

The spontaneous events that occurred were reminiscent of the pre-internet days, or the monday night wars, where as kids, our suspension of disbelief kept reeling us into the shows week after week.  After all, anything could happen.

Here's a quick breakdown on my picks and how they turned out.

Unforgiven 2008 Prediction Average: 3/6: .500
All-Time: 9/14: .643

Triple H wins Edge's WWE Championship.  (incorrect--I had picked Edge to retain.)
This match was unexpectedly the opener of the show, and it was pretty damn exciting to see Edge lose in three minutes.  However, the obvious assumption was that Triple McH would pad his title count by the end of the night.
No Way Out 2009: 0/1: .000
All-Time: 9/15: 0.600

Swagger def. Finlay (correct)
For some reason this seemed really obvious to me and it would have been illogical for Finlay to win.  Then again, I find it difficult to care about ECW at all these days.
No Way Out 2009: 1/2: .500
All-Time: 10/16: 0.625

Randy Orton def. Shane McMahon (correct)
There was no way they could kill his heat.  His run starting with his Royal Rumble 2009 win has been red-hot and the payoff will be at WrestleMania.
No Way Out 2009: 2/3: .667
All-Time: 11/17: 0.647

Shawn Michaels def. JBL (correct)
I did call the Undertaker angle—they just did it differently.  Unfortunately, I picked the match incorrectly.
No Way Out 2009: 2/4: .500
All-Time: 11/18: 0.611

Edge wins John Cena's World Heavyweight Championship.  (incorrect--I picked John Cena to retain.)
Allow me to act like a kid again and say, "OMG!!!!111111  THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!1111"
This moment was completely unexpected and stole the entire show.  There's pretty much no way to predict something like this, and it left viewers with no clue what WrestleMania would have for main event matches.  I don't know if it's because of their biggest show being right around the corner, but WWE is making an effort to make normally crappy pay-per-view events seem special.
No Way Out 2009: 2/5: .400
All-Time: 11/18: 0.611

One thing is for sure, the programing leading up to WrestleMania is bound to get better and better.

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