Flyers—Penguins: "What Was He Thinking?" First Edition

John GehanCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

Welcome to my first edition of "What Was He Thinking?"

I'll be your host, a disgruntled Philadelphia Flyers fan.

On Saturday afternoon, two cross-state rivals went head-to-head in a "slobber-knocker" of sorts. The Pittsburgh Penguins came into Philadelphia and played a hell of a game. But after tying the game up on a beautiful "tick-tack-toe" goal by Braydon Coburn, it looked like the Flyers would force an overtime thriller.

Little did we know, Martin Biron, the "veteran" goaltender and former Buffalo Sabre, would make one of the most idiotic plays of the year.

Sliding out past the circles in an attempt to stop an oncoming rush, he dropped the puck in front of the waiting blade of Penguin LW Pascal Dupuis. Dupuis slapped the puck toward the empty net and it was eventually tipped in by Sidney Crosby for the game-winning goal.

All the while, the Flyers goalie was closer to the blue line than the net, staring into space.

Biron looked out of position all game. I know the Flyers are looking for a No. 1 goaltender, and he can’t come soon enough.