"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: The Icon, the Legend, the Best

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2009

As I watched Piper on WWE Raw last week, I couldn't help but to think back to the day the Hot Rod was on top.

Roddy Piper is the greatest wrestler never to win a world championship.

Piper was never pinned or submitted by anyone for nine years.

Roddy Piper spoke on what he felt about wrestling: "I do this for the thrill." It meant a lot to hear such sentiments because that's how I feel about wrestling.

Those people in that ring do it for the thrill of performing and do it for the fans most importantly.

I can say I am truly a wrestling fan; for the thrill of seeing what will happen next.

Piper is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and it is a shame that he didn't win a world title. If he did he would have been the greatest heel champ in wrestling today or in the past.

Piper reminded me of why I love watching wrestling. For the thrill.

Piper has been a champ as the Intercontinental Champ and could be the best IC Champ in history.

The feud with Hogan is a classic and I think it could go down as the greatest rivalry in history.

Piper is The Icon, The Legend, and The Best