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jason savageCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009


In conjunction with the upcoming release of the "Legends Of WrestleMania" video game on March 24th and of course the upcoming 25th anniversary of "WrestleMania" on April 5th is doing a weekly "Greatest Legend of WrestleMania" vote.

Each week you can choose one of five Superstars as the "Greatest Legend Of WrestleMania". You are limited to one vote per day.

Believe it or not this week Randy Savage is one of the wrestlers you can vote for!

I encourage everyone to show the WWE how much the "Macho Man" is loved in the eyes of the fans.

Perhaps this could lead to a future induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

In fact the winner of the "Legends of WrestleMania" voting will be announced at this years WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony on April 4th.

So you ask, why does Randy Savage deserve it?

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With the WWE putting Savage as a candidate for the "Greatest Legend of WrestleMania" and the recent announcement of a WWE DVD on the "Macho Man" this June perhaps the ice is finally breaking between the McMahons and Randy, let's hope!

Now get over the and vote "DIG IT!"