USA vs. France Basketball: Why French Team Doesn't Stand a Chance

Talib BabbCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2012

USA vs. France Basketball: Why French Team Doesn't Stand a Chance

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    France and USA face off in what will be both teams' first game in the London Olympics

    USA went 5-0 in their exhibition games and made them look easy for the most part. The French team has many NBA players, and they seem like they could give the USA a run for the money.

    Here are four reasons why they will not do so.

4: No 7-Footers

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    The biggest test and challenges for the U.S. have been against teams with length and size. The French team is one of the few teams that do not have big bodies in the paint. 

    The U.S. will have a field day down low.

    The tallest French player is Ronny Turiaf at 6'10". Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will attack the rim at ease. There is nobody to impose their will down low and protect the rim.

    Points in the paint will be the death of the French team.

3: Tony Parker's Eye Injury

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    Frenchman Tony Parker was an innocent bystander that got affected in a nightclub brawl back in June. He suffered an eye injury and will have to play with goggles.

    That could affect his play and court vision, as he is not a player who has been wearing goggles on the court before. Going against Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook will be a challenge for him with the affected eye, more so on the defensive side.

    The eye injury was serious enough for him to want to file for a lawsuit against the nightclub, meaning it was not a minor one. If his eye injury affects his play, the French will be blown off the court.

2: Minimal Offensive Weapons

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    Outside of Parker, the French have close to nobody that can give them solid and consistent production offensively.

    They do not have players that can create.

    Their best offensive weapon behind Parker is Nicolas Batum. Either James or Durant will guard him, so he will have a tough time scoring on either player. 

    Batum will most likely be ineffective with such superior defenders guarding him. They also have nobody that can post up in the paint and take advantage of the USA's lack of size.

    They will have a tremendous amount of trouble trying to score on this quick team. 

1: Poor Matchups

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    France is simply just over-matched. They do have many NBA players on the team, but those players are bench players and barely role players, outside of Parker, Batum and Diaw. 

    Kobe Bryant might be the only USA player that has trouble scoring because of the lengthy Batum guarding him. Parker will be able to play solid defense on the U.S. point guards, but besides that, the other players will have no problems scoring.

    The French team is not quick enough to keep up with the fast U.S. team. Team USA has the ability to dominate France both in a half-court game and a fast pace game.

    USA will win by at least 20 points.