Manchester United Transfers: Trying to Deduce Who Man Utd Will Sign This Summer

Max TowleAnalyst IJuly 28, 2012

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Trying to work out who Manchester United are going to sign this summer has been like a good old-fashioned murder mystery.

We've had plenty of suspects, and yet the case remains unsolved.

Just when it seems like it has been solved, a twist in the tale leaves us back where we started—at square one.

So, relishing playing the role of detective, I would now like to summon all the suspects to the dining room, where I will attempt to solve the case.


Lucas Moura

For a good while, it looked like Lucas Moura was the guilty party.

He fit the bill too—a young, tricky attacker that reminds one of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo in his pre-United days.

But alas, the trail has now gone cold.

It would seem that £25 million isn't quite enough for Sao Paulo to part with their most prized asset, whilst Sir Alex looks like being equally stubborn in his resolve (the perfect alibi?).

However, I refuse to rule out Mr Moura as a suspect quite yet, as I believe there is more to his story than meets the eye.


 Robin van Persie

Having impressed Sir Alex firsthand last season, outplaying just about everyone in the Premier League with his goalscoring exploits (found at the scene of the crime?), Robin van Persie may yet turn out to be our man.

However, using my powers of deduction, I am ruling him out as a suspect due to his age, previous injury problems and ridiculously high valuation.

It has also emerged that, contrary to earlier reports, United had not made a bid in the region of £15 million for the Dutchman earlier this month (via

A red herring perhaps?


Leighton Baines

If Robin van Persie and Lucas Moura represent the beautiful, alluring starlets in the room, Leighton Baines is surely the uncouth stable boy.

A legitimate suspect, but a less-than-glamorous one nonetheless.

It is my belief therefore that Mr. Baines was an accomplice to the murder—meaning he may yet make a move to Old Trafford from current club Everton, but do not expect him to be the marquee signing many are expecting.

But if he were to have masterminded the whole thing—then what a boring twist!



After careful study and deliberation, I must admit that I am baffled.

If I could make an arrest based on my suspicions, then Lucas Moura would be taken into custody.

But as it is, the true guilty party has yet to reveal himself.

Perhaps only Sir Alex knows the truth?