New York Mets Fans Revolt Against Shortened Games

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IFebruary 21, 2009

Over the past winter, Mets fans have rejoiced over the new upgrades to their bullpens, while the Phillies have stood by and done nothing (except downgrade their outfield). Now season ticket holders for CITI Field are unhappy over the loss of innings in their ticket packages.

In Philadelphia, fans will receive 81 home games, with at least nine innings per game. New York, will loose approximately 140 home innings to JJ Putz and Francisco Rodriguez, something that does not sit well with all fans. 

Although the upgraded bullpen will most likely mean that the Mets run away with the National League East, the loss of innings in the season is sure to upset a small percent of Mets fans, expecting to see full nine-inning games.

The point is, if the Mets have a lead and the eighth innings hits, you have to assume it's all but over given the guns ready in the bullpen.