What We Have Learned So Far from Minnesota Vikings Camp

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistJuly 27, 2012

MANKATO, MN - AUGUST 4: Jared Allen #69 and Kevin Williams #93 of the Minnesota Vikings speak during training camp at Minnesota State University on August 4, 2011 in Mankato, Minnesota. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings got started on the right foot for camp this week as Matt Kalil was signed and in camp on time and Adrian Peterson was placed on the PUP.

It was the right thing to do, and even Peterson knows it at this point, though he definitely chafed as they strapped him into a stationary bike for the next few weeks.

Head coach Leslie Frazier had this to say about him (quote coming directly from the Vikings' media staff):

He put up a fight, knowing Adrian like you guys do. He said, ‘Coach, don’t hold me back. Let me get out there.’ He wants to get out there, but we’ve got to be smart and we need to see him do a few things then make a determination. If he had his way, he’d be getting involved today.

I have long contended that this was the most crucial decision the team has to make—when to let AP get back on the field full time.

He's eager and we know he'll do whatever he can to get on the field, but the team has to keep him in check. So far, the staff is looking long term with Peterson, just as they should be.

Another guy who is hopefully in long-term plans is Percy Harvin who showed up to camp, despite dissatisfaction with whatever he is dissatisfied with. It's still not clear to me if it's money or his role.

Anyway, he's there at Mankato and ready to work.

"Like I said I talked to Coach, everything's good around here," he told 1500 ESPN's Tom Pelissero, "so I'm ready to get out here and start sweating and to get this thing rolling."

When asked about Harvin at today's presser, Frazier had this to say about the situation (again, quote direct from the Vikings' transcript):

He is very important to our team. He is very important to me. I have a lot of respect for him as a person. After we drafted him, I remember sitting down with his mom and dad and his sister in a room away from everyone else. I tried to tell him how I envision his role in Minnesota and our relationship in the future....We’ve always has a good relationship and hopefully that will continue. He is an important person in a lot of ways. I respect him as a person and as a player. Obviously we need his talents on our football team.

They need to get him more involved. Hopefully that's the game plan.

Pelissero also reported that second-year quarterback Christian Ponder has been clicking with tight end Kyle Rudolph in the early days of camp.

This is not a shock to me, as Rudolph has some experience with Ponder already and new tight end John Carlson is just not impressive. Your fantasy football tip of the day is to grab Rudolph as a second tight end when you can, as I expect him to explode this year.

The two are apparently good friends as well—something you always want to hear about.

Frazier is high on the duo as well (again, quotes direct from the Vikings):

Kyle, of course, we have high hope for. We really think he’s going to be a premier tight end in our league. With that tandem alone we think it gives us a chance to have some options for our young quarterback, including what we’re going to try to do outside. But, we want Christian (Ponder) to be able to have an outlet, and he’s developed a rapport with Kyle and I think he’ll do the same thing with John (Carlson).

Carlson has been hurt—a lot—and trapped blocking to help Seattle's shoddy O-line—a lot—but again, I don't buy that they will click the same way Rudolph and Ponder have.

That's it for now, but barring a megastory, we'll see you Monday for more analysis of the news coming out of Vikings camp.

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