John Paxson Releases Newly Acquired Players

Aren DowCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

With the 116-99 defeat of the Denver Nuggets, Bulls GM John Paxson released a statement late Friday in regards to the Bulls' roster.

"We've decided that it is in the best interest of the organization that we keep our current active roster intact. The Bulls organization wish the best to our newly acquired players such as Miller, Salmons, and Thomas, but unfortunately your services are not needed at this time."

The decision was made in response to the under-manned Bulls defeating the third best team in the West. After trading fan favorite Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, and others before the trade deadline, seven remaining Bulls took the court and provided a win.

Lindsey Hunter would have made eight players for the Bulls, but Hunter was released as well from the squad. "We wish the best to Lindsey as well," said Paxson. "But we just feel we have the guys needed to go forward."

The Bulls, despite less players to give them a breather, outran the Nuggets and outscored Denver 22-4 on fast break points.

"Who's laughing now?" said Paxson. "There were a lot of fans that thought the players I drafted haven't lived up to potential. Guess what? The real problem was everyone else."

"It's fun," said Gordon. "I know I have the shot and sometimes it just takes awhile for me to find it. I know nobody is coming in for me, so I can continue to jack shots up without worry."

The Bulls also defeated the Bucks earlier in the week with nine players. Thabo Sefolosha was traded to the Thunder in between games.

With a current roster of seven players, the Bulls still may be looking to trim even more.

"Will we go to down to six? Whose knows, I wouldn't rule out the possibility," said Paxson. "First nine, then seventeen point margins of victory. It's hard to argue against those numbers."

"I knew I got the right players, but I wouldn't have thought of providing them without any rest."

The Bulls are now a half game out of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.