"The Eagle Has Landed"

Joe JonesCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2009

OK, Now that the top bird has nested in Kansas City,and the rest of his flock is following, it looks like the Arizona Chiefs.

One by one the Cardinals coaching staff are landing in Arrowhead. The Cardinals surprised alot of people this year,and they seem to have been strong contenders through out the year.

Hey, I guess if it can work in Arizona the system can work here in Kansas City. All the pieces are coming into place and its Todd's job to make sure they all fit.

With another strong draft coming and a few free agents, I see no reason why the Chiefs can not contend with in a few years if not next year.

The defense will play a major part in seeing how far the Chiefs will go. The Chiefs can move the ball and can score, that dose not seem to be a problem.

If the defense can stand up for four full quarters and hold the big plays to a minimum we can close out the close games.

I see the Chiefs only being one to two players away from having a solid defense. Keep in mind, offense wins games but defense wins championships.