Seattle Seahawks: Predicting the Madden Rating for Every Starter

Joey Rebbe@@JoeyRebbeCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2012

Seattle Seahawks: Predicting the Madden Rating for Every Starter

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    Ah, Madden. The exclusive owner of NFL video game rights. Each year, EA sports releases an "updated" version of the game, complete with a roster update for every team.

    With each new roster comes plenty of controversy, and plenty of fans claiming that Donny Moore, the self-proclaimed "Ratings Czar" of the Madden universe, has ripped off their favorite players in terms of rating.

    Since player ratings are scheduled to come out starting next week, now is as good a time as any to do some predicting. For those wondering how the reveal will occur, EA will release quarterback ratings next week, followed by running backs in two weeks, receivers in three weeks and so on.

    So as we begin, keep in mind two things:

    1.) Donny Moore is a 49ers fan, so all Seahawk ratings tend to be biased

    2.) Seattle's overall rating is a 73 (the highest of any team—the Patriots—is 86), so don't get your hopes too high.

    Anywho, if you disagree, I'd love to hear it in the comments.

Matt Flynn, Quarterback: 81 Overall

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    Flynn's impressive 2011 performance against the Lions bumped him to an 81 overall, and he should keep that rating heading into 2012.

    Many fans may expect Flynn to be rated higher, but with such a small sample size one really can't expect that much love from Donny Moore.


    Specific rating predictions

    Arm Strength: 78

    Awareness: 86

    Short Throw Accuracy: 85

    Medium Throw Accuracy: 87

    Deep Throw Accuracy: 82

Marshawn Lynch, Running Back: 90 Overall

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    Lynch will be the highest-rated offensive player on the Seahawks. Near the end of the 2011 season, Lynch hovered around a 90 rating, climbing to a 91 at one point. Following a Pro Bowl berth, it seems only fitting that Lynch crack the highest end of the rating spectrum.


    Specific rating predictions

    Speed: 88

    Ball Carrier Vision: 92

    Trucking: 96

    Juke Move: 90

Michael Robinson, Fullback: 87 Overall

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    In previous iterations of Madden, Robinson hasn't been rated that high. In Madden 12, Robinson was a 76. After a Pro Bowl season, let's hope Donny Moore gives a little more recognition to Real Mike Rob.


    Specific rating predictions

    Pass Block Footwork: 86

    Run Block Footwork: 89

    Catching: 70

    Awareness: 81

Sidney Rice, Wide Receiver: 85 Overall

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    After yet another injury-riddled season, expect Sidney Rice's ratings to be tempered. A few flashes of brilliance in 2011 should keep him in the mid-80s, overall lack of performance brings him down.


    Specific rating predictions

    Spectacular Catch: 92

    Speed: 83

    Route Running: 81

    Injury: -40000

Doug Baldwin, Slot Receiver: 80 Overall

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    I'm choosing to predict Baldwin instead of another receiver because, technically, the No. 2 spot is still up for grabs. Anyways, after leading the Seahawks in receptions and receiving yards in 2011, Baldwin has earned a halfway decent rating. The Madden staff's current stance on ratings is to rate players lower overall to emphasize superstars. Therefore, Baldwin probably won't be as high as you might expect.


    Specific rating predictions

    Speed: 85

    Catch: 85

    Route Running: 83

    Awareness: 79

Russell Okung, Left Tackle: 82 Overall

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    Okung is the Seahawks' most talented lineman; however, some slipups in 2011 will cost him in overall rating. Donny Moore has proven to be rather unforgiving to Seahawk linemen, so all the natural talent in the world won't be able to rescue Okung from the low 80s.


    Specific rating predictions

    Pass Block Strength: 89

    Pass Block Footwork: 76

    Run Block Strength: 87

    Run Block Footwork: 77

Deuce Lutui, Left Guard: 77 Overall

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    An overall unremarkable year from Deuce leads to to average ratings. I genuinely don't know what to expect from Lutui, so mediocre ratings for a once-dominant lineman seem reasonable.


    Specific rating predictions

    Pass Block Strength: 84

    Pass Block Footwork: 81

    Run Block Strength: 77

    Run Block Footwork: 78

Max Unger, Center: 85 Overall

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    Unger's 2011 play earned him a juicy contract, making him one of the highest-paid centers in the league. That line of thinking hopefully runs in Donny Moore's mind. I predict he will be the highest-rated offensive lineman on the team, mostly due to his incredible consistency.


    Specific rating predictions

    Pass Block Strength: 88

    Pass Block Footwork: 89

    Run Block Strength: 79

    Run Block Footwork: 82

John Moffitt, Right Guard: 70 Overall

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    John Moffitt's shabby performance in 2011 certainly didn't do him any favors in the Madden ratings department. He only seemed to decrease in rating before he got injured, so a 70 might actually be generous here.


    Specific rating predictions

    Pass Block Strength: 78

    Pass Block Footwork: 66

    Run Block Strength: 78

    Run Block Footwork: 70

Breno Giacomini, Right Tackle: 73 Overall

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    Breno was a backup in 2011, but he performed well enough to eventually see starting time near the end of the season and in 2012. Though nothing spectacular, his ratings are good for a player thrust into a starting role.


    Specific rating predictions

    Pass Block Strength: 84

    Pass Block Footwork: 77

    Run Block Strength: 81

    Run Block Footwork: 73

Kellen Winslow, Tight End: 87 Overall

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    Sure, Zach Miller may technically be the No. 1 tight end on the depth chart, but he looks to assume a good amount of the blocking role that he had last year. Winslow will be the primary receiving tight end, and to waste his athletic ability would be foolish of Pete Carroll.


    Specific rating predictions

    Catch: 88

    Route Running: 82

    Strength: 89

    Awareness: 85

Chris Clemons, Defensive End: 91 Overall

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    Clemons was one of the highest-rated 'Hawks in Madden 12, and 11 sacks later, this trend should continue. Clemons has lethal edge skills and has been a top 10 rusher in the league since he's been on the team. Hopefully his rating will reflect that.


    Specific rating predictions

    Awareness: 87

    Shed Block: 90

    Tackling: 82

    Pursuit: 89

Brandon Mebane, Defensive Tackle: 84 Overall

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    At one point, Brandon Mebane was the most feared defensive lineman on Seattle's squad. His 2011 performance was extremely underrated. In fact, Mebane was among the NFC leaders in tackles for linemen. Although he did not get to the quarterback quite often, his run-stuffing ability was certainly on display. Thus, a respectable rating is merited.


    Specific rating predictions

    Tackle: 89

    Block Shedding: 79

    Awareness: 85

    Pursuit: 83

Alan Branch, Defensive Tackle: 85 Overall

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    Perhaps the best free-agent acquisition of 2011, Alan Branch ate up offensive linemen all season. Some say he outperformed Brandon Mebane in many aspects. He certainly got to the quarterback more.


    Specific rating predictions

    Tackling: 86

    Block Shedding: 87

    Pursuit: 77

    Awareness: 82

Jason Jones, Defensive End: 82 Overall

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    Before you get on me for this one, yes, I recognize that Jones will be used as a defensive tackle primarily, not an end. The alternative would be naming Bruce Irvin the starter, which Pete Carroll has already said won't happen.

    So, given that information, Jones' past performances should provide him some above-average ratings.


    Specific rating predictions

    Tackling: 75

    Speed: 87

    Block Shedding: 87

    Pursuit: 78

Leroy Hill, Weakside Linebacker, 77 Overall

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    Leroy's 2011 was actually one of the best years of his career, but he didn't do anything to stand above others. His ratings, therefore, will be pretty average.


    Specific rating predictions

    Tackling: 80

    Zone Coverage: 78

    Man Coverage: 71

    Play Recognition: 74

Bobby Wagner, Middle Linebacker: 70 Overall

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    If everything goes according to Pete Carrol's plan, then Bobby Wagner will start at MLB in 2012. He's a rookie, so his ratings won't be spectacular by any means. But being drafted in the second round ought to help.


    Specific rating predictions

    Tackling: 73

    Speed: 82

    Awareness: 64

    Zone Coverage: 67

K.J. Wright, Strongside Linebacker: 78 Overall

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    K.J. Wright was one of the late-round "gems" found by Pete Carroll last year. His coverage abilities were far superior to draft bust Aaron Curry's, and he showed great mobility for a large linebacker.


    Specific rating predictions

    Tackling: 74

    Zone Coverage: 80

    Pursuit: 77

    Awareness: 79

Brandon Browner, Cornerback: 86 Overall

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    Another Pro Bowler, Brandon Browner led the NFL in total pass breakups last year. He also led it in penalties. Those two extremes will come together to form a moderately high rating.


    Specific rating predictions

    Man coverage: 90

    Zone coverage: 84

    Tackling: 87

    Awareness: 80

Richard Sherman, Cornerback: 83 Overall

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    I do think Richard Sherman will increase his rating this year. His 10-game stint in 2011 should be impressive enough to warrant a low 80s rating, for now.


    Specific rating predictions

    Man Coverage: 88

    Zone Coverage: 84

    Awareness: 81

    Tackling: 78

Earl Thomas, Free Safety: 92

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    Earl Thomas is (arguably) the best player on Seattle's roster. It's only fitting that his incredible speed and coverage abilities make him the highest-rated player on the team.


    Specific rating predictions

    Speed: 93

    Zone Coverage: 95

    Tackling: 88

    Awareness: 90

Kam Chancellor, Strong Safety: 88

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    Kam is one of five Seahawks coming off a Pro bowl season. His impressive tackle numbers and playmaking tendency should lead to a high rating in Madden 13.


    Specific rating predictions

    Hit Power: 95

    Tackling: 87

    Man Coverage: 84

    Awareness: 86

Steven Hauschka, Kicker: 82

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    Hauschka's 2011 season was slightly above average. His rating in Madden 13 will reflect that.


    Specific rating predictions

    Kick Power: 83

    Kick Accuracy: 85

Jon Ryan, Punter: 89

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    Actually one of the better players on the Seahawk squad, Jon Ryan is a stud punter. He should get some solid props this year.


    Specific rating predictions

    Kick Power: 90

    Kick Accuracy: 88