Follow Your Shot

Big Joey BoscoContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

Back to basics boys. Every coach I can think of used to say the same thing over and over trying to drill it into our heads - "Follow your shot". Anyone making it to the NBA must have heard this in his sleep after the years of instruction. So what happens to the brain once you step into a Raptor uniform?

Does money reduce your basketball IQ? Or does the extensive travelling cause a massive wax build up in the ears? Or maybe to make the big leagues you've built up your confidence so much that you automatically believe everyone of your shots is going in. Wake up.

With a field goal shooting percentage of 45.55 percent and three-point average of 37 percent (decent enough) I think it's time to take on the attitude that the odds are you're going to miss and someone on your team needs to chase down the rebound.

The Toronto Raptors have the worst offensive rebounding record in the league averaging 8.6 a game. 8.6! It's time they take the lead from their opponents who they allow to grab 11 offensive boards against them.

It is, so often, frustrating to watch the Raptors on the offensive end. Someone puts up the shot and everyone watches it and unless the ball bounces somewhat close to where they happen to be, they start to head back for defense. Do they not hear Coach Triano's pleas to "Finish the play."

Fight for the rebound. Show some aggression on the offensive end. We have enough talented big guys to be pulling down more than 8.6 offensive rebounds a game.

Second chance points have given the Raptors opponents the win too many times. If Toronto can get an extra two offensive rebounds a game and capitalize on their own second chance points, maybe the win column will get a little higher.