Most Despised Players in NFL History

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Some NFL players are simply fun to hate. Whether it’s a guy who seems to think of himself as above the rules or a good player on a bandwagon team, some players are just naturally gifted at drawing our ire.

The most polarizing player today? That’s easily You Know Who, whose short tenure with the New York Jets is already taking on the tenor of the Cuban Missile Crisis. But the fact remains that for every fan who hates Tim Tebow, there’s a least one more who loves him. Tebow is polarizing, sure. But he doesn’t field the near-universal angst that we’re championing with this list.

Two other quarterbacks certainly fit the bill. Michael Vick managed to return to the NFL after serving time in federal prison for his role in the operation of an underground dog-fighting circuit. While Vick managed to find a new NFL team (and a new, lucrative contract) with the Philadelphia Eagles, there will be some fans who still find Vick’s previous transgressions unforgivable.

Ben Roethlisberger found himself under investigation during the 2010 offseason after a late-night incident in rural Georgia. Although Roethlisberger was never formally charged, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell saw fit to suspend the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback for the first four games of that season.

We spent a few minutes discussing who we think are the most despised players in NFL history, so check our video above and leave us your thoughts on your most despised players in the comments. 

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