"Let the Pigeons Loose!" How Velvet Sky's Release Affects the Knockouts Division

Charlie GSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2012

Photo courtesy of WrestleEnigma.com
Photo courtesy of WrestleEnigma.com

As outlined by ProWrestling.net, it’s been rumored that Velvet Sky wanted out of TNA. Just today, her profile was removed from IMPACT Wrestling’s roster (which can be seen here).

What’s done is done and it truly looks as if Velvet is gone. Velvet Sky has been in the Knockouts Division since the very first day TNA started featuring women’s wrestling. In that time, Velvet has been a one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion and one-time Knockouts Champion.

Velvet was, arguably, the face of the Knockouts Division. But how does her departure effect TNA and the Knockouts Division as a whole? Simple answer: it doesn’t.

Velvet Sky’s departure from TNA is not a big deal. What did Velvet really offer to TNA besides “letting the pigeons loose?” She was one of the weaker wrestlers on the roster, not the best mic-worker and only had a solid backing by fans based on her physical looks.

With women such as Gail Kim, Mickie James, Tara, Sarita, ODB and Brooke Tessmacher, who needs Velvet anyway?

Velvet Sky hasn’t been relevant in the Knockouts Division since, what, October? She held the Knockouts Championship for all of a month and made two TV appearances before losing that title to Gail Kim.

TNA didn’t have faith in Velvet. Even during the days with the Beautiful People, TNA didn’t have faith in her. She played BFF for Angelina Love and, when Love left TNA, was leap-frogged by a much more talented Madison Rayne.

Let’s talk about more recent events. Back to the Knockouts Championship…

Velvet held the title for a month, lost to Gail and quickly became irrelevant. Mickie James, Tara and Madison Rayne would all get pay-per-view matches against Gail before Velvet earned her rematch. That rematch came at Lockdown and, again, Gail beat Velvet.

Since Lockdown, Velvet has had more TV time in Montgomery Gentry’s music video than on IMPACT. Velvet quickly became forgotten as Brooke Tessmacher made her climb to the top of the division.

Doing what Velvet and plenty of other women couldn’t do, Brooke Tessmacher put an end to Gail Kim’s record setting reign as Knockouts Champion.

Brooke Tessmacher became the new champion in her home state of Texas at TNA’s 10-year anniversary show and has been on the rise ever since.

Tessmacher is already one of the most popular Knockouts on the roster and easily surpasses Velvet when it comes to in-ring skill. TNA has created a new star in the form of Brooke Tessmacher. One that already outshines Velvet Sky, in my opinion.

Velvet Sky never really had anything to offer TNA apart from a pretty face (which isn’t rare in the Knockouts division, they’re all hot) and to say that Velvet’s departure negatively affects the Knockouts Division is a pretty blind statement considering the talent still in the division.

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