USA Swim Team 'Call Me Maybe' Video Is a Must-See for Every Olympic Fan

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They may be ripping off the Harvard baseball team, and you and I may never understand the world’s morbid fascination with such an irritating song, but the U.S. swim team's "Call Me Maybe" video is still pretty entertaining.

And given the fact that Michael Phelps is probably 95 times more famous than the chick who wrote it, maybe she should send him a thank-you note.

A surprisingly well-produced video of the Olympic swim team singing Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song "Call Me Maybe" went viral on Friday, as the Olympians join the ranks of sports teams who have reproduced the catchy yet annoying hit to much fanfare.

Seventeen-year-old swimming superstar Missy Franklin—a.k.a. the female Michael Phelps—tweeted a link to the video on Thursday night: 


The video puts the Harvard baseball boys to shame, even if the swimmers' lip-synching is a tad bit off. It features scenes where the team dances down the aisles of a plane, through the hallways of their hotel and even underwater. And it's a guarantee that there's no better place to see Olympians dancing in Speedos.

Even if you hate the song, this video is one worth watching.

It seems like we never get to see Phelps let loose (at least, he's made a concerted attempt to make it seem that way, in light of various PR disasters in his past), but who knew he had so much rhythm? Perhaps if he retires post-London 2012, he has a career as a backup dancer.

He also shares the stage with his fiercest rival, Ryan Lochte, who blows a kiss to the camera for all you ladies out there.

With the qualifying races about to kick off on Saturday, this video is a must-see to get yourself acquainted with all of this summer's American swimmers.

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