WWE: Will Intercontinental Champion The Miz Be Buried Like Before?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJuly 27, 2012

I love that face! Such arrogance. Image courtesy of WWE
I love that face! Such arrogance. Image courtesy of WWE

It was awesome!

Monday Night Raw 1000 was as great as they hyped it. The WWE creative team managed to keep the fans glued to their seats all the way past the 11th hour.

CM Punk is now on the verge of a major change and there is already a main event match announced for the 2013 Royal Rumble. No small things here.

With that, you also had an amazing exchange between Triple H, Paul Heyman and the gorgeous Stephanie McMahon. SummerSlam just got a tad more interesting now.

The highlight of this writer's night however was the return to prominence of The Miz, who's triumphant return led him to pin Christian and win the Intercontinental championship, thus making him one of the Triple Crown Champions of history.

That's right, Miz made history once more.

Questions started to flood the Internet soon after such as: "Will he be buried still? or this time?" 

Allow me to reply by asking when did he get buried again? That whole "fiasco" of losing earlier this year was all part of the plan.

He went on a losing streak, yes, but how many WWE championship matches was he featured in? He did also win his match at Mania which makes him 3-0 and won it for his former "boss" John Laurinaitis.

The "Awesome One" is also the poster boy for the new company production "Marine 3: Homefront" (a must-have for all Mizfits!)

There is no preaching here, just stating some facts. The Miz needed to prove he is tough and can handle a few set backs and so went on this apparent crash-and-burn road only to reveal it was for a greater purpose.

It is often like this in professional wrestling. You have to take some hits if you are to make it to the top and stay there.

I believe this to be very positive for his career. A new look, a toned-down attitude, more and more cheers from the crowd and above all, the beautiful IC title belt around his waist are all signs pointing towards The Miz on his way back up.

The second time around will be much better than the first and seeing that he main evented WrestleMania XXVII, that will be quite a feat to beat.

Not only will he not get "buried," he will rise to the top again. Let the debate start on who could be his potential WrestleMania XXIX opponent. He will win, of course—it seems like WWE enjoys this idea of a little Miz streak of his own.

I'd very much enjoy Chris Jericho as competition. Somewhere down the road, Y2J could capture his 10th IC title from Miz leading to a great match in New Jersey. It's just an idea but it would work.

After typing all these words down, it is even more clear now that the "Chick magnet" is indeed NOT going to be discarded, but pushed even further.

Time will tell just how far or how high, but in the end, it will be Awesome!