NFC North Daily: Hot Breakfast Links for July 27th 2012

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistJuly 27, 2012

Wrapping the week up here at the NFC North blog (although now that camp is underway, weekends have no meaning) and we'll have a general camp recap later on, either all teams in one, or each team with a brief one.

Lot's to cover—so let's get to it.




Over at the ESPN NFC North blog, Kevin Seifert writes up his thoughts about the first day of Bears Training Camp. He's at camp, so his observations are straight from the eyeball.

Seifert talks a bunch about newly acquired Brian Price, rookie Alshon Jeffery, a good start for the defense and a rough start for the offense.

Meanwhile, Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago reports yet another in a long line of passionate defenses of Devin Hester, this time from receivers coach Darryl Drake who—I am not making this up—equated Hester to Michael Jordan.

"When you've got a great player, you've got to feed him," Drake said. "If Michael Jordan didn't touch the ball he'd have problems, you know because he would demand it. You've got to get him the ball, and you've got to feed him. And he's getting the ball, and he's feeling good about things right now."

I really don't think I can follow that save for this point: if Hester was good—at all—every coach and assistant on the team including the guy in charge of handing out schedules at team meetings wouldn't need to tell us how good he is.



Over at Lions Insider (your OFFICIAL team site) Tim Twentyman talks about the vital task of finding the right cornerback combination. With Aaron Berry gone it's wide open opposite Chris Houston.

Bob Wojnowksi says the Lions will face tougher odds in 2012 over at the Detroit News. Aside from the distractions off the field, Wojnowski cites a lot of other factors; tough division, tough passers. There are a ton of challenges ahead for this team but that's what you get when you improve.



The Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein talks about the high expectations for Nick Perry. This is well covered at this point here at B/R—we talked about it in the Packers' best/worse video and have done all offseason, but the theme for this team is defense, defense, defense.

Perry is a key for this, as is rookie Jerel Worthy. Someone to watch closely at camp.

Brian Carriveau—from CheeseheadTV and Bleacher Report's Packer beat—gives you a look at which teams might be the biggest threat to the Packers' dominance of the NFC North.

With special guest star: me!

There are some great players in the NFC North, and not all of them wear Packers jerseys. Carriveau is incredibly sharp—if you don't read his stuff you are doing yourself an injustice as a Packer fan and perhaps as an American.



"Christian Ponder looks like a dentist." 

That's a little inside humor for my Vikings readers from yesterday's best/worst video.

Over at the Pioneer Press (home of Chris Kluwe's new weekly blog) Chad Courrier gives you a ground-level view from the Vikings' practice at Mankato. The vibe really sounds positive for the team, and that's great. It should make Minnesota fans enthusiastic.

It's a long road when you rebuild, but this team appears to have the right mentality.

Mark Craig reports in the Star-Tribune that head coach Leslie Frazier is looking for improvement across the board from the team. He also touched on Jerome Simpson's suspension and Adrian Peterson's run-in with the law in Houston.

The Simpson suspension is easily overcome, and I've felt like the Peterson thing wouldn't amount to anything. Frazier has to get the improvement from the team though—there have been rumblings already that he could lose his job with another bad season.

For a team who gave Brad Childress a billion too many years, one would think this wasn't an issue. You're rebuilding, you know you're going to struggle. Just let the man work.


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