More Secrets Unearthed About A-Rod. Is Anyone Surprised?

Justin DahlkeContributor IFebruary 21, 2009

Three days ago, Yankees All-Star player Alex Rodriguez, confessed to using a substance banned by Major League Baseball.

Rodriguez recited a statement supposedly telling the whole truth.

What the substance was, how he got it and where it came from were all part of the tale.

And a good tale it was.

However, after the press conference some felt Rodriguez punched more holes into his own story and left the group of reporters asking more questions than what they came with.

A-Rod confessed he used a substance, Bole, obtainable easily and legally over the counter in the Dominican Republic.

However, after some digging (like reporters always do), it turns out Bole has never been sold over the counter in DR between 2001 and the current day.

OOPS!  Like many papers in New York, people wanted to know the truth.  It seemed all Rodriguez did was make a bigger mess than he would have had.

The only thing people wanted was the truth.  They wanted to know what he did and let history make its own judgment.  But now Rodriguez, with all his awards and honors, has drawn into question his legitimacy in baseball and his honor.

As mentioned by Rodriguez himself, he knows it will take some time to regain trust back after using banned substances.  Now that it turns out part of his story was also false, how much time was added onto his moral sentence.

Personally I do not see how his image can recover fully.  There will always be a lasting effect from this about A-Rod's credentials.  There will always be this fleeting thought: What else has he been dishonest about?

Good Luck A-Rod, It's a Long Road Ahead of You.