Gregg Williams: 3 Teams That Could Give Williams Another Chance

Will Osgood@@BRwillosgoodAnalyst IJuly 27, 2012

Gregg Williams: 3 Teams That Could Give Williams Another Chance

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    When it comes to Gregg Williams, you fall into one of two categories.

    Either you believe he was given an unfair shake and should not have been suspended indefinitely but given a similar punishment to that of New Orleans Saints' head coach Sean Payton. 

    Or you think the guy should never, ever coach in the NFL again. 

    Truthfully, neither opinion matters much. Williams is likely to get another coaching opportunity for one simple reason—the NFL is about winning. 

    Gregg Williams throughout his career has coached defenses that helped teams win games. At worst, he figures to land a consulting job. He can do that anywhere though.

    After a broad glance across the NFL, there are three teams who seem like decent fits for Williams' style and schematic approach. 

    Truthfully there were not that many who fit, but these three could be perfect in the right circumstance. 

Oakland Raiders

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    Sure the Raiders' world has been rocked a bit in the past year. Ever so gradually, the Al Davis era is becoming something of a memory. That's mostly a good thing, as new general manager Reggie McKenzie looks to create a new culture in Oakland. 

    Two important things to remember, though. These are still the Raiders. If any team is less concerned about its image (in a negative way) point them out, please. The Raiders are the epitome of bad boys. From that perspective, Williams would be a fun and crazy fit that Roger Goodell would never allow. 

    Second, and perhaps more importantly, first-year head coach Dennis Allen worked two seasons under Gregg Williams in New Orleans as the secondary coach. Allen knows Williams and knows the style of defense he would bring to Oakland. 

    If Jason Tarver is unsuccessful coordinating the defense in 2012, Allen could look to bring in the veteran coach for a sense of normalcy, or whatever such a move would rightly be called. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Given the Eagles have transitioned the entirety of their defense to a Tampa Two, wide-nine technique scheme, Gregg Williams to Philly would seem unlikely on the surface. 

    But consider this. If the Eagles don't live up to the "dynasty" label placed on them by the now-departed backup quarterback Vince Young, and do it this year, Andy Reid and Juan Castillo could be out of a job. 

    And if that were to happen, anything would be possible. At the least, Castillo could be out of a job and Reid may decide he wants to go back to the aggressive style Jim Johnson provided to the Eagles outfit up to the time of his unfortunate passing. 

    The Eagles would have to restructure their defensive personnel again, but if they aren't the dynasty they're supposed to be, they were probably going to do that anyway. 

St. Louis Rams

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    Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams are ultimately the most likely team to take Gregg Williams back in and release him back into humanity, per se. 

    Fisher and Williams are longtime friends, and Fisher is rather loyal to those he likes. 

    Of course Williams was set up to run the Rams defense in 2012 before the craziness of the "Bountygate" scandal hit full bore on the Saints and Williams. 

    Because Williams was suspended indefinitely by the NFL, Fisher has been non-committal on the status of Williams as his defensive coordinator should he be reinstated by Roger Goodell. 

    Nonetheless, Fisher knows the value of having a guy in that spot he believes in and knows well. 

    If that isn't enough to motivate Fisher to keep Williams around, then Williams is probably screwed in returning to the NFL.