What TNA Star Possibly Wants to Return to WWE and Why He Should

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJuly 26, 2012

Normally the saying something is like fine wine and gets better with age, doesn't apply to professional wrestlers.

One 41-year-old performer is in the best shape of his professional career and seems to be tapping in to his full potential as heel singles performer.

For years, the current TNA star Bully Ray, made a successful name as a member of The Dudley Boys. The team rose from the bingo hall in Philadelphia, to one of the greatest tag matches ever, at one of the greatest WrestleMania's ever, in front of 68,000 people in the Houston Astrodome.

In the last two years it was almost as if he was a baseball player finding his rhythm just in time for free agency. It has been reported that his contract is coming to an end with TNA Impact within the next month.

In addition to those reports, Bully Ray has been doing a lot of tweeting about or to current WWE stars

Should he return? Simply—yes.

Tag team action in WWE isn't what it was when The Dudley Boys were last in the company, so being a singles star is the path you want to be on in today's WWE.

A vicious heel, easy for the fans to dislike would go a long way right now. Many of the heels are the coolest guys in WWE.

CM Punk is becoming a heel and is going to always have a circus of cheers.

Dolph Ziggler is gaining popularity every week with fans chanting for him.

Daniel Bryan—well, he is just so good but he isn't getting full fledged heel reaction. People want to see him but many want to cheer him.

Bully Ray would get the people to do the right thing which is pay to see him get beat up. He would be easy for the fans to resonate with. He is a simple bully. Everybody has dealt with a bully.

As much as I like Tensai, there is a resistance among many fans regarding the Japanese tone in his character. There also seems to be issues with fans that he use to be Albert and they can't look past that. I think its ridiculous but it still is reality.

Bully Ray wouldn't be much different from the Bubba Ray Dudley the WWE fans last saw.

The biggest challenge he would face is to keep it PG. From ECW and edgy WWE days―some of his most accurate work for his character was with a mouth full of profane insults.

I'm going on record and saying I hope he comes back and wish him good luck with getting one last run on the big stage.

Don't be a bully, go be a star in WWE.