Indianapolis Colts 2009 NFL Draft Watch: Why Percy Harvin Could Replace Marvin

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIFebruary 21, 2009

Since Marvin Harrison's tenure with the Colts is running on borrowed time, Indianapolis should be focusing all of their efforts on preparing for the future.

Although the defensive tackle position is easily the biggest hole in the roster, the talent of Florida's Percy Harvin cannot be ignored.

At this point in time, it looks as if Peria Jerry (the defensive tackle from Ole Miss that the Colts have been eyeing) might not be available by the time the Colts are on the clock with the 27th pick of the draft.

If Percy Harvin is looking Peyton Manning dead in the eyes, the Colts would be well advised to take the bait.

Harvin is possibly the most explosive receiver in the entire draft.

It is his past injury history that would be the only thing to hold him down that deep into the first round in the first place.

If the Colts weigh risk vs. reward, they might steal the draft's most explosive receiver.

Needless to say, Harvin has the potential to make an impact wherever he is drafted. If he were to be catching passes from Peyton Manning, he might become an instant Superstar.

He would benefit from the double coverage Reggie Wayne commands and Harvin's presence could free open some gaps for Anthony Gonzalez.

This like any other draft prediction is subject to a lot of speculation and circumstance but I do feel that this possible match might be one that could prove very beneficial to the Colts.

If Harvin is available, they'd be better off stealing a potential Superstar and tending to the defensive tackle issues in the second round.

If Peria Jerry is taken before the Colts get on the board, there is a substantial difference between a player of Jerry's caliber and the next runner-up.

I'm almost hoping that Jerry is taken earlier in the draft that way the Colts might be more motivated to stock up on their fire-power.

You just have to love that about Indianapolis.