15 Athletes Who Will Make Awesome Coaches

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15 Athletes Who Will Make Awesome Coaches
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To achieve the full proper effect of this article, please repeatedly play this theme song of the 90's sitcom, Coach, while reading. Now enjoy.

So, what makes an effective coach?

Is it strictly playing experience? How about elite championship pedigree? Does it matter how many trophies are collecting dust on your fireplace mantle?

Well, it's those. But at the same time, it's not.

Frankly, there's just some people who are meant to take the reigns and lead. 

Many times it's not the superstars, the hotshots, or the flashy names that end up being the best coaches.  Great players are a dime a dozen, but a natural leader? That's a diamond in the rough.

Coaching stems from the intangibles—the ability to garner player's respect, the sought-after skill to be entrusted to lead, and that rare knack for bringing out the best from your players, making individuals a well-oiled single unit. 

Coaching is a mighty thankless job, too. Millionaire players, countless fans, powerful owners, and intimidating team management are all looking towards you for success. One botched play, and your city will turn on you like ravenous dogs.

You're the first to be blamed for failure, the first job to go on the chopping block, and the first one chewed-out when things don't go well. Let's face it, in a given year, all but one coach will enter the long off-season without a well-polished championship ring. 

Thankless job or not, someone's got to do it. Those "someones" who have that special winning intuition, the ones who live and breathe the game, and who find leadership as natural as breathing. 

Maybe these "someones" of tomorrow may just be these players of today. 

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