Big Ten Media Days: The State of the Conference

Adam KramerNational College Football Lead WriterJuly 26, 2012


It was an overall uneventful first day at Big Ten Media Days.

As anticipated, coaches were bombarded with Penn State questions. Some of these were deflected, others were answered with extreme precision, and there were very few answers worth any substance in regards to PSU and the conference as a whole.

You wouldn’t expect conference commissioner Jim Delany to break away from this trend, but given the negativity surrounding his conference he was tasked to do so. He described the process surrounding Penn State and adamantly defended the action of the NCAA and Big Ten in sanctioning the university.

"I don't really care if there's a precedent," Delany said. "I think the NCAA did have moral authority to act, and I think the Big Ten did have moral authority to act."

When asked about the other teams currently on probation, Delany was careful in separating these teams (Nebraska, Michigan and Ohio State) from what has transpired in Happy Valley. The differences are obvious, although he didn’t shy away from acknowledging some of the issues that have plagued the conference in recent years. He also expressed a desire to move forward.

Moving forward is something Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien has preached since the NCAA dropped the hammer, and a theme that resonated throughout the building. Moving on, but certainly not forgetting what has transpired. And really, how could we?

With the Sandusky-Penn State scandal still fresh, there is no possible way to sugarcoat the impact and overall negativity felt at the conference’s annual gathering. For every football-related question, there was a Penn State question to follow.

Trying to determine how this will impact the conference (or the overall game itself) is impossible, but the shockwaves will be felt for a long time to come. This won't be restricted to the Big Ten, either. Thankfully, we will be required to talk about football games in just over a month as the season is suddenly on the horizon.

Never has a requirement sounded so appealing.

Adam Kramer is a Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained firsthand