London Opening Ceremony 2012: Daniel Craig Would Be Perfect as Final Torchbearer

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIJuly 27, 2012


Who's the most famous Brit to ever live? James Bond. Who should be the final torchbearer in London? James freakin' Bond.

According to both The Royalist and the Mirror, Bond—or, rather, Daniel Craig—will feature prominently during the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympics.

The London Olympic Committee (LOCOG) couldn't have picked a better person to light the torch.

Danny Boyle's "Isles of Wonder" is sure to be a good show, but if Bond lights the torch, it will be a great one.

According to the Mirror, Craig will be portraying James Bond during a short film called The Arrival before the actual lighting of the torch.

In Simon Head's own words:

"Fans in the stadium and around the world will see a short film made by the BBC's drama department. It's rumoured to feature Daniel Craig as James Bond receiving a knighthood, and to have been filmed at Buckingham Palace. It's also claimed that the film, said to be called The Arrival, will climax with Craig - or more likely a stuntman - either parachuting into the Olympic Stadium or descending into it via a rope ladder from a helicopter."

Wow. Now that's an entrance.

Not only will it be amazing to see all of this happen—it could be the highlight of the show that makes it rival the Opening Ceremony in Beijing four years ago.

That's a bold claim, but the latest rumors make it seem like it could be an awe-inspiring one that keeps the world captivated.

If Bond is the one to light the torch, it will combine the heritage of the British people with an international success of a movie series that pulls in a large amount of viewers.

Boyle and LOCOG have been working hard to incorporate the many aspects of the long history of Great Britain's people, and by having arguably the most well-known Brit (other than the Queen) in history, viewers will eat up the show.

Who cares if he's fictional?

Combine one of the most famous characters in history with possibly the coolest entrance in Opening Ceremony history, and you can see why Bond—I mean, Craig—as the final torchbearer is the smart move.

Hopefully these rumors are factual, or else I'm going to be very disappointed.