Most Hated Teams in NFL History

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The headline says it all.

We, as fans, have all had teams that we have hated for one reason or another. Whether we're embroiled in an old-school rivalry like the Raiders and Chiefs or Packers and Bears or if it's a relatively new hatred, like the backlash that sprang up after the Dallas Cowboys took the mantle of America's Team, football fans are some of the most ardent grudge-holders in sports.

Of course, everyone will have a different take, and that's what makes it so compelling. What one fan has spent their life defending, another has spent their life loathing. While we can sometimes lose ourselves while rooting for or against certain teams, we always come back for the rivalries—and yes, for the hate.

Your humble blogger and a few of my B/R colleagues go over the teams we consider the Most Hated in the history of the league. Let us know who we may have missed or if there's a reasonable defense for the teams we've listed above (which I seriously doubt...).

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