MLB Trade Rumors: Why the Blue Jays Have a Good Shot at Josh Johnson

George HalimCorrespondent IIJuly 26, 2012

Josh Johnson, pictured above, is the top pitcher on the market since Cole Hamels re-signed with the Phillies.
Josh Johnson, pictured above, is the top pitcher on the market since Cole Hamels re-signed with the Phillies.

It's not a secret anymore, the Blue Jays are in trouble.

It's easy to sit back and assume everything will be alright, and eventually it will be. But in the wake of a 16-0 shellacking at the hands of the streaking A's, there aren't many excuses anymore. 

By acquiring Miami Marlins starter Josh Johnson, the Jays wouldn't be renting out a player until the end of the season, but instead adding another piece to the puzzle.

And they have a shot.

Some might say general manager Alex Anthopoulos needs to make a move in order to shake things up, but if you ask me, watching 16 runs cross the plate in your own house will be worse than any meaningless trade. 

Think of the Blue Jays and Miami Marlins side by side. The Marlins, in preseason polls, were projected to do fairly well. I mean, with a new stadium, new jerseys and a new team name, it makes sense, right?

However, the Marlins have a worse record than the Jays and have begun reverting back to their old ways of selling players and chopping shop. To date, they've already traded away Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante, and it's likely they'll ship off Johnson due to the heavy volume of interest generated by other teams.

It makes sense to both clubs due to the fact that the Marlins are searching for high-quality players, and the Jays are searching for a top pitcher.

The Marlins had a change of heart when they realized they weren't going to contend for a title anymore, but if you ask St. Louis Cardinals fans, they'll tell you "never go down without a fight" is the most powerful statement around. 

Right now, the Blue Jays have a great shot at Johnson because it's the right time for both teams.

Not so he can pair up with Brandon Morrow and Ricky Romero to form a super three, but because the Blue Jays are a well-oiled machine needing the last piece of the puzzle to come one step closer to a long-term goal. 

The Marlins didn't expect to trade both Hanley Ramirez and Johnson, but teams are in demand. The Jays are in demand. Alex Anthopoulos might be closer to getting Josh Johnson than most people think.