Isaac Bruce Fallout: There Goes the Rams Franchise...

Brian ACorrespondent IMarch 12, 2008

The St. Louis Rams made the biggest mistake in the history of their franchise last week:

They released future Hall of Fame wide receiver Isaac Bruce.

When asked about the move, head coach Scott Linehan said, "It's a tough choice for the franchise...It's like anything else.  We make decisions as a franchise on the business side and that's the part that makes it the most difficult."

What the Rams failed to recognize is that when your team posts a pathetic 3-13 record and is looking to make cuts, it's not wise to either...

1. Dump the most famous and well-respected player on your roster.


2. Dump one of the best players on your roster.

Any Rams fan can attest to the terrible attendance and fan indifference in the Edward Jones Dome last year.  Most games were dominated by the cheering of opposing fans—and the few Rams supporters who were there were either sporting bags over their heads or wearing Isaac Bruce jerseys in celebration of their favorite player.

People didn't seem to care about the Rams last year—but whenever Isaac Bruce caught a pass, you were sure to hear "BRUUUUUUCE" echoing throughout the rafters.

Which begs the question:

What are the Rams smoking?

Bruce had a contract that paid him $5 million a year. San Francisco signed him to a two-year, $6 million deal.  Is that $2 million a year really so important to a player who spent his entire career as a Ram and never once complained about it?

The morons in the St. Louis front office didn't think so.

Instead of honoring a 15-year veteran...who's third in NFL history in receiving yards (14,109), sixth in NFL history in receptions (942), a four-time Pro Bowler, and has had eight 1,000-yard seasons...the Rams decided to part ways with one of the greatest receivers of ALL TIME.

What reason will there be to watch the Rams struggle next season?  Are the signings of quarterback Trent Green and tight end Anthony Becht going to rekindle the Greatest Show on Turf?  Will our second overall draft pick somehow make the Rams contenders again?

Oh wait—when have the Rams ever had a first-round draft pick turn out right?

Bottom line: A struggling team decided to get rid of the one thing the fans loved about them. Now they're going to struggle even more—and there will be no one theres to support them on their dismal way down.

However, I can already guarantee that there will be ONE game that will sell out next season in St. Louis—and I can foresee one wide receiver wearing the Red and Gold who'll be looking to light up the scoreboard at least two weeks out of the year.

St. Louis still loves you Isaac Bruce...and when you destroy our pathetic secondary, we're only going to love you MORE.

That's the sort of divided loyalty that all Rams fans are going to face this year—provided anyone still cares about the Rams after this saddening move.