WWE: Should DX Be Reinvented for the New Generation?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJuly 26, 2012

DX lives! Photo by Examiner.com
DX lives! Photo by Examiner.com

This past Monday was the 1000th episode of Raw, and it was a COMPLETE success. 

"Complete" in capital letters because for the first time in a very long time, I ate up the entire show. It was a real blast, a real treat to revisit some old things, all the while witnessing some great development for the future.

There was an Intercontinental Championship win from The Miz (mega like!), Bret Hart's appearance as guest announcer, The Undertaker returning and looking even more like a prince of darkness and, of course, the reunion of D-Generation X.

Seeing all of them in the ring at once gave me goosebumps. The only thing missing was Chyna. The Ninth Wonder of the World was as important as any of them, and I am certain she will return someday. It's just adult films people, it's just adult films.

The five legends brought the house down and reminded us why tuning in to Raw was far more fun than Nitro in the late 90s. They are funny, uncensored and release great energy so that fans never leave unsatisfied.

It got me thinking, could there be a new version of this faction in the new age? Can the new generation of fans buy into this sort of antics?

With PG programming, I think not, but it would be wonderful to see who could be part of this "mess."

The whole world was different then. There was WCW and the Monday Night Wars. Controversy and no limits were on the menu and all bets were off, so DX had the means to pull off all their nonsense and get away with it.

You just can't do that anymore. Well, with CM Punk being somewhere between darkness and light, who knows, but in the grand scheme of things, it is still PG, right?

When HBK and HHH reunited years ago, you could tell things were different. Shawn kept circling around the ring and Hunter did most of the talking: The roles had reversed. It was fun but not what everyone was accustomed to.

For the record, things change and evolve and every time DX makes an appearance it is more than welcomed. Fans love them. 

Though I am skeptical of a new generation of DX, I would love to see it being attempted. Why not? Stranger things have happened.

It is all in the key word "reinvention," after all. Madonna is 53 and she constantly manages to remain No. 1 because that's what she does: reinvents herself. Chris Jericho is another fine example.

So, in a nutshell, I may not fully believe it is possible to have a modern-day DX faction, but I would pay to see that.

Who would be part of that? The Miz? Dolph Ziggler? I would think John Morrison (when he was around) or Zack Ryder maybe.

Just don't mention Beth Phoenix. I love her, but the idea of seeing her do crotch chops scares the fire out of me.

I leave it to you, the other fragments of the WWE Universe. New DX in the 2010s?

If you ain't down with that idea, I've got two words for ya: "COMMENT BOX!"