Big Ten Media Days 2012: Twitter and Message Board Reactions

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJuly 26, 2012

Big Ten Media Days 2012: Twitter and Message Board Reactions

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    College football media days are quickly coming to an end, but the Big Ten media days are just beginning. It seems they have saved the best for last with this conference, as there are plenty of things to talk about during the next couple of days.

    The Penn State scandal is going to be an extremely popular topic with the media, but this is also a conference that has new coaches, Heisman candidates and many other intriguing story lines to kick off the 2012 season.

    As we all know, media days provide us with a little insight as fall camp quickly approaches and many attending eventually end up saying something foolish.

    Here are the funniest, craziest and most off-the-wall statements made during Big Ten media days.

Video of Denard Robinson's Speech

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    I provided you with some of the highlights of Denard Robinson's speech during Big Ten media days, here is the complete video.

Trophy for Big Ten Game?

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    Penn State and Wisconsin are discussing the idea of developing a trophy for its annual matchup in the conference. (Via Jeff Nelson of

    #PennState and Wisconsin are discussing establishing a trophy for their annual B1G Leaders Division football game

    — Jeff Nelson (@GoPSUJeff) July 27, 2012

Denard Robinson Speech

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    As media day is beginning to wrap up, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is giving a very emotional speech. Here are some of the highlights provided by Joe Schad of ESPN.

    Emotional Denard Robinson doing an outstanding job delivering a speech at Big Ten kickoff before a huge ball room

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012

    Denard Robinson says it was tough to do the right things growing up on the neighborhood he grew up in

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012

    Denard Robinson: "I met the President of the United States. And LeBron James. And they both knew who I was." (Laughter)

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012

    Denard Robinson: "Trust me. I'm not perfect. Just ask Coach Hoke."

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012

    Denard Robinson says "it doesn't matter where you come from. Anything is possible."

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012

What Do You Think?

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    As media days drag out a little longer than they should, it is when the stupid questions begin to come out. (Via Joe Schad of ESPN)

    Chris Fowler: Is there an us against the world mentality? Bill O'Brien: What do you think?

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012

Penn State Has Been Contacted

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    Penn State athletic director, Dave Joyner has confirmed that Big Ten schools have contacted Penn State about certain players availability. (Via Guy Cipriano of the Centre Daily Times)

    Joyner says three #B1G schools have contacted #PennState about players. He declined to reveal what schools.

    — Guy Cipriano (@cdtguy) July 27, 2012

Khairi Fortt Transfer?

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    While everybody is waiting for Silas Redd to make a decision on if he will return, linebacker Khairi Fortt is also exploring his options. (Via Dave Ruden of Stamford Advocate)

    BREAKING: Khairi Fortt is flying today to visit University of California. His father Guy said Khairi has offers from about 12 schools...

    — Dave Ruden (@DaveRuden) July 27, 2012

    Fortt finished last season with 33 tackles and 2.5 sacks. For more on this situation, click here.

Want a Positive About Penn State?

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    The negative situation surrounding Penn State is receiving majority of the attention, but with the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics happening tonight, there is something the university can be proud of. (Via Lynn Atanasoff, a career counselor at PSU World Campus)

    Penn State Live - School record 19 Penn Staters head to 2012 Olympic Games -

    — Lynn Atanasoff(@PSUWC_Career) July 27, 2012

Student-Athletes Photo

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    You know what the Big Ten football players look like in their uniforms, here is what they look like when dressed a little more professional. (Via The Iowa Hawkeyes Twitter)

    36 #B1G Football Student Athletes at the 2012 Kickoff Luncheon.

    — The Iowa Hawkeyes (@TheIowaHawkeyes) July 27, 2012

Ball Talks About His Game

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    Montee Ball is compared to many bigger backs because of his size, but said during media day that he has always looked up to the more elusive running backs. (Via Max Tane of the Daily Illini)

    Wisconsin's Ball told me he's not sure why he draws a comparison to Ray Rice. He tries to model his game after Barry Sanders and LT. #B1G

    — Max Tane (@AirMaxTane) July 27, 2012

More Mascots

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    The Big Ten mascots are still having fun during media days, as they pose behind a gigantic conference trophy. (Via Big Ten Twitter)

    #B1G mascots pose with an oversized championship trophy. #B1Gfootball…

    — Big Ten Football (@B1Gfootball) July 27, 2012

Nebraska Uniforms

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    Nebraska has released a sneak peak of its new uniforms that they will wear during the big game against Wisconsin. (Via Erin Sorensen of Bleacher Report)

    Screenshot obtained! The alleged alternative unis for Nebraska's matchup with Wisconsin have surfaced.…

    — Erin Sorensen (@helloerinmarie) July 27, 2012

    For more images and opinions of the new apparel, click here.

Of Course Montee Ball Will Be There

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    Usually every couple has a funny story to tell about how they first met, here is Montee Ball's. (Via Joe Schad of ESPN)

    When Montee Ball met his girlfriend Annemarie she asked him if he was going to the Badgers game. "Yeah, I'll be there," he said.

    — Joe Schad (@schadjoe) July 27, 2012


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    Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is also known as shoelace because he doesn't tie his playing shoes. Well, apparently it is the same deal with his dress shoes as well. (Via Nick Baumgardner of

    Denard's untied dress

    — Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) July 27, 2012

Mascots Everywhere!

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    The Big Ten mascots have taken over the newsroom. (Via Elizabeth Conlisk of the Big Ten Network)

    Mascots from #B1G taking over #FOXChicago Newsroom! #BTNBig10K!…

    — Elizabeth Conlisk (@BTNElizabeth) July 27, 2012

Michael Mauti Talks Big Ten Coaches

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    Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti has a response for any Big Ten coaches that are trying to take some of its players. (Via Mark Dent, co-founder of The Brew House)

    LB Michael Mauti on #B1G coaches recruiting #PSU players on campus: If you wish us well then try to take our kids, I got a problem w that."

    — Mark Dent (@mdent05) July 26, 2012

Big Ten Will Likely Stay with an Eight Game Conference Schedule

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    Big Ten commissioner, Jim Delany, says that the conference will likely remain with an eight game conference schedule. (Via Sean Morrison of Inside Indiana)

    Big Ten will probably stick with eight-game schedule for the near future, Delany says. #B1G

    —Sean Morrison (@sean_morrison) July 26, 2012

Big Ten Commish Talks Penn State

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    Like everyone during Big Ten media days, commissioner Jim Delany also addressed the Penn State situation. (Via Herb Gould)

    #B1G comr. Delany on #PennsState: `Justice can never be served in this case. Because the victims can never receive justice.'

    — Herb Gould (@HerbGould) July 26, 2012

Brady Hoke Speaks on Fitzgerald Toussaint

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    Michigan running back Fitzgerald Toussaint has been suspended indefinitely from the team for a DUI charge. Head coach Brady Hoke still is not sure when he will be back on the team. (Via Ben Estes of The Michigan Daily)

    Hoke says no determination whether Toussaint/Clark will play against Alabama; still indefinitely suspended

    — Ben Estes (@benestes91) July 26, 2012

    Toussaint rushed for over 1,000 yards and scored 10 touchdowns last year.

Mark Dantonio Talks Penn State

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    Michigan State head coach, Mark Dantonio is the latest to comment on the Penn State situation. (Via Jeremy Werner of

    Mark Dantonio: "I don't think there's any winners" with PSU situation but would recruit players if he's contacted by possible transfers

    — Jeremy Werner (@WernerConnectFM) July 26, 2012

Bo Pelini Not Recruiting Penn State

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    Bo Pelini says that his Nebraska Cornhuskers are not recruiting Penn State players (via Bob Flounders of The Patriot-News):

    Nebraska coach Bo Pelini on the PSU transfer situation: "We're not actively pursuing Penn State players.''

    — Bob Flounders (@BobbyFlo7) July 26, 2012

Michigan Won't Recruit Penn State Players

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    You can count out the Wolverines when it comes to recruiting Penn State players (via Jeremy Werner of

    Brady Hoke: Staff looked at PSU roster but made decision to stay and recruit players and "keep our business our business."

    — Jeremy Werner (@WernerConnectFM) July 26, 2012

Brady Hoke Calls Last Season a Disappointment

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    Despite winning 11 games and a BCS bowl in his first year as head coach, Brady Hoke calls last season a disappointment (via Jon Spencer):

    #B1G Michigan's Brady Hoke said last year's 11-2 Sugar Bowl-winning season was disappointing because the Blue didn't win Big Ten.

    — Jon Spencer (@jspencermnj) July 26, 2012

Pat Fitzgarald Has a Championship Idea

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    While Northwestern may not be considered one of the top teams in the Big Ten, head coach Pat Fitzgerald has an idea for who should participate in this season's Big Ten Championship Game (via Tom Dienhart of

    Fitzgerald proposes putting Legends champ in #B1G title game--and have committee pick second team given situation in Leaders. #B1GFootball

    — Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) July 26, 2012

    Of course, Ohio State and Penn State are banned from postseason play this season, leaving just Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois and Indiana to fight for the Leaders Division.

Penn State Uniform Changes?

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    If you were waiting for an update on any possible Penn State uniform change, head coach Bill O'Brien kind of gave you one (via Ben Jones of

    Sounds like O'Brien half confirmed a uniform change. "People will have to wait and see on September 1st"

    — Ben Jones (@Ben_Jones88) July 26, 2012

    For more thoughts on this, click here.

O'Brien Does Not Want to Appeal Sanctions

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    Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien does not want to appeal the NCAA sanctions and is more focused on moving forward with his football team (via Max Tane of The Daily Illini):

    O'Brien says its time to move forward and will not appeal NCAA sanctions. #B1G

    — Max Tane (@AirMaxTane) July 26, 2012

Tim Beckman Interested in Penn State Players

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    Tim Beckman is in his first year as head coach of Illinois, and his coaching staff is making its presence felt on the Penn State players (via Derek Levarse of The Times Leader).

    "We only talked to (PSU players) what would be willing to meet with us," Beckman said. "We had people come to us and speak to us. ... We called some individuals, and if they wanted to come by, it was their opportunity to come by."

    Illinois returns a total of 15 starters from a year ago and could be a sleeper team in the Big Ten this season. It will be worth keeping an eye on to see if any current Nittany Lions would consider joining the Fighting Illini.

Urban Meyer Speaks Penn State

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    Urban Meyer can relate to a certain extent with what Penn State is going through, as his Buckeyes will be banned from postseason play for one season. While it is not something that helps the program, Meyer says that there is a positive that comes out of a situation like this (via Derke Levarse of The Times Leader).

    "It's a few weeks barrage of negativism, especially with recruiting," Meyer said. "Number one is the recruiting issue it causes, and we're dealing with it and Penn State will deal with it."

    "But we found out who really wants to be an Ohio State Buckeye. And (O'Brien) is going to find out who really wants to be on his team. You have no half-ins any more."

    Penn State will certainly find out who wants to be on its team, especially with players being allowed to transfer with no penalty.

Bielema Will Not Recruit Penn State Players

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    With Penn State players eligible to play anywhere they would like, coaches are making a push to add to their current rosters. You can count Wisconsin out of the mix (via Derke Levarse of The Times Leader).

    "What those Penn State players are going through right now in the last several days, I have a tremendous amount of respect for their commitment and for coach O'Brien," Bielema said.

    The Badgers were able to benefit last season due to a transfer of quarterback Russell Wilson but appear to be fine with their current 2012 team.

Lots of Reporters

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    Ever wonder what the media room looks like, as it patiently waits for the coaches to arrive (via Cory Giger of The Altoona Mirror)?

    This is what Big Ten media days are like. Throngs of reporters everywhere.…

    — Cory Giger (@CoryGiger) July 26, 2012

Silas Redd Visiting USC?

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    The reason Penn State running back Silas Redd is not in attendance is because he may be visiting with the Trojans at the moment (via Cory Giger of The Altoona Mirror):

    #PSU RB Silas Redd meeting with USC today, according to ESPN. He was scheduled to be here in Chicago at Big Ten media days.

    — Cory Giger (@CoryGiger) July 26, 2012

    This can't be a good thing if you are a Nittany Lions fan.

Hardware Anyone?

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    The Big Ten hardware is out on display for the Big Ten media days (via Max Tane of The Daily Illini):

    Well, these are cool. #B1G

    — Max Tane (@AirMaxTane) July 26, 2012

Penn State Players Will Show Up!

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    It was reported earlier that Penn State players would not show up to today's event, but it seems that there has been a change of plans (via ESPN Big Ten):

    Penn State players now are coming to Big Ten media days. Michael Mauti subbed in for Silas Redd. John Urschel and Jordan Hill also here.

    — Rittenberg/Bennett (@ESPN_BigTen) July 26, 2012

    This should be interesting.

Big Ten Setup

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    With media day set to begin, the Big Ten has its nice little setup going (via Phil Harrison of

    All set up here at Big Ten Media Days...Live tweets as the coaches speak.…

    — Phil Harrison (@PhilHarrisonCFN) July 26, 2012

No Joe Pa

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    While everybody is focused more on the sanctions of the Penn State situation, one of the main differences of this media day is the fact that Joe Paterno won't be around to witness it (via John Borton):

    First Big Ten meetings since 1993 without JoPa. That will seem very strange.

    — John Borton (@JB_Wolverine) July 26, 2012

Keanon Cooper Is Ready

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    One of the players that will represent the Minnesota Golden Gophers today is linebacker Keanon Cooper (via Keanon Cooper):

    Ready to get the day started here in Chicago for Big Ten Media Day #GopherNation

    — Keanon C4 Cooper (@Go4Coop) July 26, 2012

    He played in all 12 games last year and racked up 77 tackles and six tackles for loss.

No Penn State Players

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    With the sanctions recently handed down by the NCAA, there won't be any Penn State players in attendance at today's event (via ESPN Big Ten):

    No Penn State players will attend Big Ten media days. Silas Redd, John Urschel and Jordan Hill had been scheduled to attend.

    — Rittenberg/Bennett (@ESPN_BigTen) July 25, 2012

    Head coach Bill O'Brien will still be available to answer questions, but it is understandable as to why players won't be.

No Penn State Media Guide Either

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    You are really seeing some of the effects at Big Ten media day early, as there isn't a media guide available for Penn State (via Guy Cipriano of The Centre Daily Times):

    There is no #PennState media guide available at #B1G media days.

    — Guy Cipriano (@cdtguy) July 26, 2012

Unfortunate Situation

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    You can bet your bottom dollar that Penn State will be an extremely talked about subject during media days. Here is one response that you will hear too often (via Mike Ricordati of 97.1 The Fan):

    Over/Under at 25: Number of times Big Ten coaches say, "It's an unfortunate situation" about Penn State. #BTmediaday

    — Mike Ricordati (@CommonMan971) July 26, 2012

    With this being a two-day event, I would certainly say over.

Silas Redd to USC?

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    Penn State players are allowed to transfer immediately due to the sanctions handed down by the NCAA. One player who is seriously considering leaving Happy Valley is running back Silas Redd (via Arash Markazi of ESPN):

    Silas Redd is seriously considering transferring to USC and a final decision could come as early as this Monday.…

    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) July 26, 2012

    The Trojans' running back depth is extremely thin, and Redd was a 1,000-yard rusher last season.

Players to Watch

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    The Big Ten has just released a 10-player list of the players you should keep an eye on this season. It has no surprises (via Tom Dienhart of

    Big Ten players to watch, as released by the #B1G: Lewan; D-Rob; Adams; Gholston; Burkhead; Simon; Miller; Short; Ball; Borland #B1GFootball

    — Tom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart) July 26, 2012