Matt Walsh and New England Patriot Games

glenn warciskiCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2008

Recently I have read several articles attempting to discredit former Patriots employee Matt Walsh. 

Right now, I do not think it is fair to demonize the messenger so one can dismiss the message.

Hopefully Matt Walsh talks and can shed light on this Spygate drama. Because of Belichick's behavior and the NFL bungling the investigation, one can surmise a cover up.

Remember, once he was caught, I thought Belichick was not open and honest with the media. If he was open and honest, I do not think we would be having this drama.
On top of that, under orders by commissioner Roger Goodell the NFL destroyed the evidence.

What is the NFL hiding? Is Belichick's taping of opponents just the tip of the iceberg? Is cheating in the NFL pervasive like a nasty MRSA infection which will not go away?   

Glenn Warciski
New York Football Giants