Tomasz Adamek: Can Adamek Compete with the Klitschko Brothers?

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Tomasz Adamek: Can Adamek Compete with the Klitschko Brothers?
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As the boxing world waits for formidable foes for the seemingly unbeatable Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, a previous victim of Vitali's power, Tomasz Adamek, could be the best bet to take down one of the heavyweight kings.

Meeting Vitali back in September of 2011, Adamek was dominated throughout the bout, eventually losing the fight via TKO in Round 10.

Adamek (46-2, 28 KOs) never really got anything going in the bout against Vitali (46-2, 40 KOs,) but Adamek's trainer Roger Bloodworth has admitted that he fought Vitali too soon (per

Coming into the fight with Vitali at 216 pounds, Adamek was outweighed by over 26 pounds by Klitschko who weighed 242.5 pounds, which put Adamek at a huge disadvantage before the bout even started.

In Adamek's two fights since his loss to Klitschko, he has weighed more in each of the fights, coming in at 222.5 for his bout with Nagy Aguilera in March of this year and at 225 in his fight against Eddie Chambers this past June.

With Adamek set to face Travis Walker this September, one could imagine that his weight will yet again increase, getting Adamek close to the 230-pound mark his camp wants him at.

After Adamek is comfortable with his new weight and learns to take advantage of the added power that comes with it, he will then be more of a danger to either one of the Klitschko brothers—but a second fight with Vitali is more likely than a first bout with Wladimir.

Although there will still be between a 10-to-15-pound weight difference a second time around with Vitali, Adamek should be noticeably stronger than when he was at 216, making the weight advantage not as big of a deal as it was int

Getting at least one more fight under his belt after his September showdown, Adamek should then be ready to take on Vitali sometime in 2013—as Adamek said he would not face Vitali anytime this year (per Boxing Scene).

With continuing talks of who can tame the Klitschko brothers sure to drag on into the new year, a new, stronger Adamek has a real chance to end those talks for good sometime next year.

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