MLB Trade Deadline: Is Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams Still Looking?

Jon FromiSenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2012

Kenny Williams may still have something up his sleeve.
Kenny Williams may still have something up his sleeve.David Banks/Getty Images

Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams has been a buyer as his club sits atop the AL Central along with the Detroit Tigers. Williams, who was thought to be in rebuilding mode as recently as six months ago, has made the deals necessary to keep his team competitive.

Does Williams have another big move left in him with a week remaining for non-waiver trades? Maybe not, but never count this man out.

Regardless of what kind of job you believe Williams has done in his tenure running the White Sox, one thing remains constant. If he believes for a second that his team can make the playoffs, Williams will try to pick up the piece that pushes them over the top.

Williams spoke to Toni Ginnetti of the Chicago Sun-Times and downplayed the likelihood of swinging a deal for a major addition to the South Side.

I don’t know what the probability is of us doing something of impact. We think we have added a couple of pieces that will [have an impact] for the next couple of months as is. Whether or not we can do something else, I don’t know.

Williams pulled off a huge move to bring in Kevin Youkilis back in June, filling the most gaping of holes in the White Sox lineup. Saturday's pick-up of Brett Myers should provide more depth in the bullpen. It's hard to say Williams hasn't taken steps to help his ball club.

Will Williams do more to arm the White Sox? More to the point, will he add to the White Sox arms?

After watching Jesse Crain struggle with his control in the ninth inning of Chicago's 8-2 win over Minnesota, it might not be a bad thing to bring in another low-profile veteran to the bullpen. There is always the notion that a bat on the bench couldn't hurt. A move toward either end would not come as a shock.

Could the White Sox still be in line to bring aboard a starting pitcher? Williams may not be working with that kind of budget. However, don't count him out.

Williams is tough to read when it comes to gauging his trade inklings. A lot of the trades he's made over the years have seemingly come out of nowhere. He also has a week left to get a better idea of a possible return date for John Danks and to see how Gavin Floyd and Phillip Humber respond to being back in the rotation.

Williams has made every attempt to fortify the White Sox as they prepare to battle Detroit and Cleveland down the stretch. He may not have another blockbuster trade left in him this summer. Then again, he just might.