Flyers-Leafs: First Blood Part Two

Timothy WCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2008

So the Flyers lost last night at the ACC, a game they weren't really in, seeing as how Biron stopped 51 shots. They were lucky to be in O.T. and were even luckier to grab the point, but tonight...tonight is a different story.

The orange crush will drown out any brave Leaf fan visiting Wachovia, and the Flyers will hopefully shoot the puck a little bit more this time.

I'm still hoping Prospal will have his first big game as a Flyer, without Richards, they need his one-two punch. Carter also needs to step up tonight and rally the boys to beat the Leafs and help get the Leafs' golfing gear ready in time for spring madness on the links.

Needless to say, any Leaf fan who truly believes their team will be in the playoffs is being naive. I know you have to support your team and believe no matter what, but honestly, it's time to wake up and smell the greens.

It is judgement day, and if there really is a slim, slim chance of making post-season for the blue and white, they had better win in regulation, otherwise it's... FOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEEEE!!